Meet Mister

Mister is our latest foster pup from GBHS.  He’s not sick or anything like our usual fosters, but is just too young to be adopted out yet.  So we get our puppy fix for a little bit!  
Aren’t I the cutest?!
He is definitely all puppy.  We like to think of this as some practice before Asher arrives.  We’re definitely starting to understand the whole every 2-hour wake-up call.  I remember from potty training 101 that it’s really best to get a puppy accustomed to potty’ing outside from the gecko, so the first night we got up every time he wined and took him outside in the 30 degree weather to go.  Last night though, we resorted to the pee-pee pad in his pen and got some more shut eye.  Overall though, he’s doing really great with the training.

I am in love with his playful spirit and that puppy breath.  Riley and Maddux?  Not so much in love with the little guy.  We have some work to do in the jealousy and patience departments before Asher gets here.  Maddux is just generally annoyed and grumpy towards him.  Riley about climbs in to my lap (all 75 lbs. of him) when I’m holding Mister and insists that I also pay him attention.  He can’t stand it.    Matt did walk in to the bedroom today and find this…

Obviously he must not hate him that much

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