Monday Letters

Dear Monday,
You are the start of the first full work week I’ve had in awhile.  Three and four day works weeks have been much more my speed.
Dear doggie sickness,
You and your intestinal virus, high levels of liver enzymes, staph infection, dehydration, ridiculous amounts of Rx meds, and the ensuing vet bills may leave now.  I’m fairly certain Riley and Maddux have had a lifetime’s worth of illness since Christmas, all crammed in to one week.
Dear Maddux,
In addition to your staph infection, we found out that you are now 123 lbs.  I repeat, 123 lbs.  They decided to test you for thyroid issues because obviously that must be the problem.  I didn’t have the heart to tell them that the problem is the fact that you loath any form of activity and give the term “couch potato” a whole new meaning.
Dear pregnancy hormones,
After bragging about how I’ve felt no different emotionally since getting pregnant, you appeared out of nowhere yesterday.  I cried during a Carter’s baby commercial and then during The Biggest Loser. #pregnancyproblems
Dear Mister,
I just want to hold you in front of my face and breath in your puppy breath all day long.  There is not much that a few puppy snuggles cannot cure.

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