Monday Letters

Dear Monday,
@*&^%&#$&^R%*^%R$&#$& (That’s kind of how I feel about you today.  No hard feelings I hope.)
The only other book I have ever given up on was The Stand, but I think I’m about to throw in the towel on this one too.  How did you have such rave reviews?  Am I missing something?  I’ve been working on this for well over a month now and am still only half way through.  I just cannot get in to it. 
I had you all designed, perfected and in my online shopping cart, ready to hit “confirm purchase.”  Then I got all paranoid.  Like, what if baby boy ends up being baby girl?  Or what if the bald baby I designed comes out with a head full of hair?  Or what if there are actually two in there?!  I then decided that maybe I should wait until our family is truly complete before I go ordering personalized address labels. 
Dear Husband,
So proud of you for putting together the swing and the crib.  You are becoming quite handy these days.  Now we just need to see if you are as skilled with the swaddling.
Your Caesar salad, cheese ravioli and white chocolate bread pudding (yes I ate all of this) were out of this world, but the company was even better.  So thankful for sweet friends that keep me company while the husband is away.  (Seriously though, go try that white chocolate bread pudding stat…)

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