Friday’s Five Faves

Hey there!  Hope everyone has had a fab week!  Here are a few faves as of late…
* My new morning oatmeal by Earnest Eats.  The label on these say it all.  Each flavor has tons of good-for-you things in it that makes my morning bowl a little more interesting.  I still add a scoop of almond/peanut butter for some extra protein, but that’s all it needs.
* These low cal/high fiber bagels from Western Bagel are good too.  I’ve been having one of these (blueberry flavor) as an afternoon snack with a little light cream cheese and some blueberries.  These bagels have been around for awhile, but I think they recently revamped the whole line because they taste much better!
* I wrote about my new BB cream a couple weeks ago, and now I have another one to recommend.  The Garnier BB Cream is great too, and for around $12 (at CVS), it’s a great price.  I still love the Dior one, but since I like to keep something in my gym bag, and obviously didn’t want to spend the money on a second tube of the Dior, I decided to try the Garnier.  Turns out, I like it just as well!
* The month of February.  I really think it is my favorite month, although I’m not even entirely sure why.  Maybe it’s because I love Valentine’s Day so much, the color red, conversation hearts and king cake, or the fact that there are only 28 days, which means we get paid quicker.  I really love February this year because we have lots of exciting things on the calendar.  Plus, with 3 fewer days in the month, that means we are that much closer to meeting Asher! 
* King cake.  Although the ones in these neck of the woods are never as good as the ones in Louisiana, they do get the job done.  We’ve tried several (and I even attempted to make one myself last year…not easy), but I am curious to try the king cake from Edgar’s Bakery this year.

Happy weekend and Super Bowl Sunday!  I could really care less who wins the game, as I am not a big fan of either team, but I enjoy watching and hanging out with friends.  Plus, I am making this yummy dessert to eat all by myself share with everyone:)

One thought on “Friday’s Five Faves

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