Baby showers and babies

All things baby around here these days!  We are under the 10 week mark…whoa!  Wish I could say that we are all ready, but the reality is that we are far from it.  As you can probably tell from my lack of blogging, my days have just been nuts. Work is so, so busy, and our evenings and weekends are always jam packed. I’m really hoping that March will be a time where we can slow down.
We swore up and down that the nursery would be completely ready by March 1st, but seeing as how the rest of the furniture will not be here until mid March, that obviously isn’t happening.  For now we have a perfectly decorated crib (that he won’t even sleep in for the first several months).  We have exactly 1 box of diapers (no wipes), a few swaddles, some towels and washcloths, and a bazillion onesies and footies (not to mention all the other little outfits…child will never lack in clothes, that’s for sure). 
Luckily we got several much needed items at our KY shower this past weekend.  My MIL and SIL hosted the sweetest shower for Baby Asher in Lexington on Saturday.  It was so much fun!  I cannot believe that I didn’t get more pictures of the guests, decorations and gifts, but as usual I was distracted and didn’t even think to pull out the camera once guests started to arrive.  Here are the few that I did take…

The most adorable cake ever!
Matt practicing with one of our gifts.  That poor Cabbage Patch doll has sure gotten the run-around…

On our way home we stopped off in Nashville to visit the Hand’s and meet their new baby girl, Emma. She is just too precious for words! I literally could have snuggled her all day. Hard to believe we’ll have one like that in a couple short months.

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