Pregnancy Journal: 31 Weeks

How far along: 31 weeks
Gender: BOY! Asher Wade!
Size of baby: A little over 3 pounds
Weight gain: 21 pounds (this was a 4 lb. weight gain over 2 weeks…my biggest yet!)
Maternity clothes: Always…at least in public.  I did find a cute maternity cocktail dress at Motherhood Maternity to wear to our blacktie event this past weekend.  And it didn’t even resemble a burlap bag:)
Movement: Still moving all the time.  Big movements now too.  For the most part he stays confined to my right side (always has) and he likes to push his little tush out and then kick me in my belly button.  Often looks like there is an alien trying to come out of my abdomen.
Sleep: Some nights are not so great, and then some are ok.  Even if I get comfortable, my mind is usually racing, so it’s just hard to get good sleep.
Cravings: Definitely protein. Eating lots of Greek yogurt, hard cheeses, Kashi cereals, oatmeal, salmon, tuna salad and egg salad, frozen yogurt, smoothies, fruits and veggies. Drinking tons of water and iced tea, and the occasional Sprite Zero.  Also craving sweets often, especially baked goods.
Aversions: Not really anything in particular.
Symptoms: Braxton Hicks and lower back pain every now and then.  My feel swell a little if I am on them for too long, but usually a warm bath fixes that.
What I miss: Wine when we go out to eat and a good night’s sleep
What I’m looking forward to: We start our “Prepared Childbirth” class next week!  It will be every Monday during the month of March.  We’re also taking an infant CPR class and a breastfeeding class, and Matt is doing Daddy Bootcamp.  Lots to learn!
Best moment of the week: I had my bi-weekly check-up yesterday and then we had our hospital tour right after.  Talk about shiz getting real around here!  That whole thing was very surreal…actually seeing the room where I will deliver, the bed I’ll be laying in, all the monitors and equipment.  Crazy!  I got very teary eyed when we were in the room and the L/D nurse was explaining what will happen during and right after delivery.  I just get so emotional when I think about finally being able to hold him.
Thoughts on pregnancy: This was really the first week where I started to feel a little uncomfortable, particularly at night when I am trying to sleep.  I’m using my Snoogle, and it certainly helps (seriously, if you are pregnant, go buy one of these), but it’s still hard to get comfy.  It’s starting to get tricky putting on socks and shoes, or just bending over in general.  For the majority of this pregnancy I really haven’t felt any different, but now I definitely feel pregnant.

Here’s the latest bump picture…

This was actually at 30 weeks, but the pics from the Oscars event were right at 31 weeks


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