Due Date…Winner, Winner Coffee Dinner

So lets have a little fun, shall we?  I’m taking guesses on when y’all think Asher is going to make his debut.  To up the stakes, I will send the person that has the closest guess a Starbucks gift card!  Just leave a comment including the date you think he will arrive.  As soon as I get home from the hospital (maybe give me a little leeway) I will send the winner their prize.  Fun, huh?!
Here’s some info to help you guess.  My “mathematical” due date (ie. based off the first day of my last cycle) should be May 3rd.  Based on Asher’s measurements, my “official” due date has always been April 29th.  My guess (for no reason other than intuition) is April 16th.
Let the guessing begin!


12 thoughts on “Due Date…Winner, Winner Coffee Dinner

  1. So after reading your latest blog posts, it sounds like you could go any minute! I'm changing my date to April 25th! I know it doesn't count, but there is no way you're going to make it to May 1st! LOL!


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