Asher’s Nursery

Like I mentioned in my 37 week update, we finally finished the nursery over the weekend!  Word of advice…order your furniture early, like way earlier than what you would think.  It took a long time for all of our pieces to come in, especially the special order pieces.  We definitely cut it close.  Not that it really matters seeing as how he’ll be sleeping in his co-sleeper in our room for several months.  Still though, that nesting instinct is no joke and I couldn’t stand the thought of his room not being ready before he arrived.
Without further adieu, here is Asher’s nursery…
Lots of open space to play 

For his name, we bought cheap wooden letters from Hobby Lobby and just painted them blue and arranged them in an open frame, also bought at Hobby Lobby.

We used a lot of lamps for soft lighting

We are in love with these prints from The Animal Print Shop. It was so hard to pick just 4 of the baby animals. All of their expressions are hilarious!

I figure I’ll change up the chalkboard every month or so…maybe with a new bible verse. Or maybe I’ll just use it to write “to-do’s” and grocery store lists, ha!  Oh, and in case you can’t tell, someone is convinced that this is his room. “Hey guys, like my new room?”

The little reading nook.  Hope Asher is a book nerd like his mama:)

I love how this bookshelf is designed so that the covers face forward.  Still need to find some small pictures to hang above it.

I thought this was such a perfect verse for a little boy.  The Merry Market painted the canvas for us.

As you can see, we tried not to make the room too “babyish” in the hopes that it would grow along with him.  We bought all the furniture in the “Larkin” style from Pottery Barn, which is one of their traditional and long-standing styles, so that we could add pieces later on.  The changing table topper comes off, so that will eventually just be a dresser.  The crib converts to a toddler bed and then ultimately to a full size bed.  We’ll probably order the chest of drawers at some point when he needs it.  We had the arm chair specially made in fabric that matches our couches so we will have the option of moving it in to the family room down the road.  I love that chair, and can’t wait to rock him and read to him:)

4 thoughts on “Asher’s Nursery

  1. I absolutely LOVE the reading nook! What a great space! You said you were looking for pictures above the bookshelf…just an idea – I have a quote above Grace's bookshelf that says “Every child is a story yet to be told.” It's one of those wall word/rub-on things and I love it. Also, the chalkboard is such a neat idea!


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