Pregnancy Journal: 39 Weeks

Just got back from my weekly checkup.  One whole centimeter, ha! 

How far along: 39 weeks
Gender: BOY! Asher Wade!
Size of baby: Around 7 pounds
Weight gain: 29 pounds
Maternity clothes: Maxi dresses, comfy skirts, leggings, Matt’s t-shirts:)
Movement: As of this weekend, he has slowed down a lot.  Like enough to put us in L/D last night.  After hardly feeling anything most of the day, doing a kick count for an hour and getting nothing, the on-call Dr. decided she wanted us to come in to be monitored.  So we headed to the hospital at 11:00 last night.  Thankfully he was fine and heartbeat was good so they sent us home.  It was scary though.  I’ve been feeling him more today, but definitely not like it was this time last week. 
Cravings: Nothing new here. I could still live off Greek salads (especially Zoe’s), tuna wraps (Roly Poly’s), grilled salmon (from Tazikis, and over a Greek salad), Panera’s black bean soup and a salad, and cooked sushi. Still loving frozen yogurt and iced tea, and I always crave sweets in the morning.
Aversions: Not really anything in particular.  It’s more just about what I actually want to eat. 
Symptoms: Contractions are stronger, and a little painful, but still not regular.  Having pretty persistent lower back pain, which is actually more annoying than the contractions.  In all honesty though, I still feel pretty good and not really to the point where I could even complain.
What I miss: Wine when we go out to eat, a good night’s sleep and just being able to put shoes and socks on like a normal person!
What I’m looking forward to: Having this baby!  And I’m looking forward to my parents getting here Wednesday.
Best moment of the week: Checking those last few things off our to-do list.  We are 100% ready.
Thoughts on pregnancy: Not enjoying this whole waiting and not knowing process.  It’s really hard for me to concentrate or focus on anything else right now, which makes work not very productive.  I definitely have a one track mind right now, and it’s all baby, baby, baby.

Here’s a bump picture from our appointment earlier…


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