Life lately…

Since Little Man is currently sleeping in his swing and I have a short window of free time, I thought I would give a little update of life around here while I catch up on The Voice.  My days are still consumed with caring for him and I swear the minutes just fly by.  All of my days just kind of run together…I rarely know what day of the week it even is.  This is so strange for me since I am normally so on top of things and scheduled.  Still trying to get the hang of this mommy thing, but I think I’m doing ok!  It’s still incredibly challenging, exhausting and overwhelming, but amazing nonetheless.  I have to be honest…I’m not a huge fan of this newborn stage.  Yes he is so tiny and precious, but he’s also so needy and dependent on me entirely.  I look forward to when he can express to me what he needs, or maybe just when I can better understand what he needs, and when he can interact with us more.  I’m definitely looking forward to the point where we’re on a little more of a schedule, and when I can get more than a 2-hour stretch of sleep at one time:-)  It’s crazy how our perspective of good sleep has changed.  I used to need 8-9 hours of sleep to feel rested and functional.  Now we get excited if we get 3 consecutive hours!  I’m trying to work on scheduling with him, and sometimes it works and he’ll go 3 hours between feedings with a good nap in between, but more often than not I’m nursing on demand, which could be every hour.  Hey you moms out there…when did y’all start trying to schedule your babies?  How did you encourage longer stretches between feedings??  I guess for now you can just call me Bessie:-)
I can’t believe Asher is going to be a month old on Saturday!  I’ll do a more detailed update on him specifically then.  Here are some recent pics for now. 
Some of our KY family came in over the weekend.  Matt’s sister and our nephews got to meet Asher for the first time and Matt’s mom got to see how much he has changed in a few short weeks.  We were thankful for the family time and for the rest they allowed us to get.  Nanny was so good to get up with him in the early mornings so Matt and I could catch up on some sleep.
Sweet cousins
Jake with Asher
Will with Asher
Headed out to dinner (that ended up being a disaster after Asher had a little stimulation overload…crazy noisy Joe’s Crab Shack is not a good place for babies)
Checking out his play mat
His “time to eat” face
Loves his swing
Chillin’ on the patio at Cheesecake Factory while mama and daddy have a little day date
First baseball game to watch the Birmingham Barons

One thought on “Life lately…

  1. Hang in there Leanne…you will get the hang of it. It's so hard with your first because you are always second guessing yourself and you can NEVER be prepared for the lack of sleep. I promise, it will get easier.


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