Asher Wade at 1 Month

Asher Wade, you are one month old!  That is crazy!  You are definitely giving us a run for our money, but boy do we adore you.  You are so alert…have been from the second you were born.  You are so strong too!  You were seriously holding your head up in the hospital and can push with your little legs so hard.  The nurses couldn’t get over it.  You are pretty fussy and the pediatrician thinks you have colic and “silent” reflux.  Aye, aye, aye!  He put you on some meds, so we’re praying they help you feel better.  We’re trying to rule out any possible allergies too, so I’m cutting out dairy, eggs, caffeine and peanuts to see if that helps.  We’re always trying to figure out new ways to calm you down when you get going (particularly late afternoons).  Thankfully Matt and I are able to find some humor in your meltdowns.  It’s hard when I’m home alone during the day and you get going, but I know it will pass.  My favorite time with you is during your night time feedings.  Granted I’m usually half asleep, but you are always so peaceful and content and I love staring down at your sweet face.  I love when you lock eyes with me:-)

Age: 1 month

Weight: At the pediatrician’s office yesterday he clocked in at 8 lbs 11 oz!  He had gained almost a pound in just one week…such a little piggy!

Length: No clue right now, but at his 2-week checkup he was 20.5 in.  I would guess he’s grown another inch at least.  He has some long skinny legs.

Head circumference: Again, no recent update, but at his 2-week checkup it was 14 in.  He has a pretty small noggin.  Mama was thankful for this 😉

Clothing size: Quickly growing out of his newborn sizes and moving into 0-3 months.  Just moved up to size 1 diapers, although they’re still a little big.

Milestones: We moved him to his crib, surprisingly.  I thought for sure he would be in his co-sleeper in our room for months, but for some reason my mom intuition was telling me that he would do better in his own room.  I think I was right.  I know it’s better for Matt and me to have him next door rather than right next to our bed (we temporarily moved upstairs in to the guest room so we would still be close), and I actually think Asher is sleeping better in his crib.  Plus the convenience of having his changing table, supplies, clothes, etc. right there is much easier.  We have one of those snazzy video monitors so we can easily keep an eye and ear on him.  Now when he cries, whoever is on “duty” can go to the nursery to handle business and the other person can still sleep (I pump a bottle ahead of time so Matt can do a night time feeding).  It just seems to work better for us, so I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

Sleep: Ehh, still working on this.  Some days he does really well (by “well” I mean a 3 hour stretch), and other days are a little rough (up for an hour, down for an hour, repeat).   It’s definitely been better since moving him to his own room.  We’re really hoping we can get him to go 4+ hours between feedings on a regular basis.  For whatever reason, after his middle of the night feeding (usually around 3 am), he doesn’t want to go back to sleep.

Eating: Nursing is going really well.  Just like sleep, time in between sessions is sporadic.  Sometimes he goes 4 hours, but some days I feel like I am just nursing nonstop.  Again, if we could get him to consistently go 4+ hours in between sessions, particularly at night, it would be awesome.  He is a very efficient little eater, so that helps a lot.


  • Going for walks in his stroller.  He loves being outside.
  • His swing.  Thank God for that invention!
  • Being held close so he can hear your heart beat.
  • Being sung to.  I’ve also started reading to him while rocking him.
  • Being in mama’s sling during the day.  This helps immensely since my hands are free.
  • Looking out the window.
  • Eating!  Child loves to chow down all the time, any time, hence the weight gain mentioned above.


  • His car seat.  Initially he loved going for car rides (we often went on one when he would get really fussy), but now he hates getting buckled in the car seat, so car rides are not much fun anymore with a screaming baby in the back:(
  • Diaper changes, or being naked in general.  He screams bloody murder every single time.  Since diaper changes are very regular around here, this really stinks.
  • Baths (again, the whole naked part), UNLESS he actually gets in the tub with me.  He does like to sit on my lap with his lower half in the warm water.  I guess the warm water feels good and he’s comforted by being so close to me.  This is why we haven’t posted many bath time pictures;)

Yay for turning 1 month!!

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