First Day of School

So Asher Wade had his first day of “school” today.  I knew this day was coming, and that it was inevitable, but man was it ever hard dropping him off there this morning.  Not gonna lie…I was a blubbery mess.  Like for real, ugly crying.  The teachers and director were so sweet, offering hugs and tissues (which I gladly accepted), and a couple moms came up to me and reassured me that it would get easier.  As hard as it is to leave him, I know they are right, and I know in the long run the interaction and education will be great for him.  Even if I could stay home with him there’s no way I could offer him the learning experience he’ll get from school.  I’d probably just be making goo-goo eyes at him all day.  And let’s be honest…I did not bust my butt in law school for 4 years to not be a lawyer;)  Still though, it’s hard to surrender your baby in to the hands of someone else for 8+ hours a day.  I hope each day gets a little easier, but right now I am just counting down the minutes till I can see him:-)
His teachers are so sweet and have been sending us email and picture updates.  It sounds/looks like our little guy is having a great time!  He’s eating good and even took a nap like a big boy in his crib.  Considering most of his daytime naps have been while someone is holding him (spoiled much?), this is pretty good.
“I’m doing ok, mom!”

Resting in his crib like a good boy

Supposedly he is mesmerized by this mobile
Then Matt went to visit him at lunch.  Somebody was pretty excited to see his daddy!

Boy do I ever adore this sweet, little face…

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