Over the weekend

We had a pretty busy weekend…really the first one where we got out and did stuff and saw friends.  It was almost like old times.  Ha, who am I kidding…it was nothing like old times;)  Fun outings and time with friends are just a little different when you have a baby in tow, or a baby at home with a babysitter.  Fun…but definitely different.
Asher Wade absolutely loves going to the pool.  We try to go as often as we can, but since we have had like 4 sunny days so far this summer (stupid rain), it’s been hard.  Friday evening was beautiful though and we invited some friends over for pizza and pool time.  They have a little boy that is 1 week younger than AW, so it was fun getting them together. 
Since we were having so much fun at the pool, we kept him a little past his normal 7:30 bedtime.  I was worried that would mess him up, but then he surprised us and slept till 8 the next morning!  Good job little buddy!  Matt golfed Saturday so I headed to the gym and AW tried out the nursery.  This did not go to well and my workout was cut a little short.  Funny too because he does well at daycare and at our church nursery. 
Saturday evening I co-hosted a wedding shower for a dear friend (I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures of this cute shower!).  It was the first time we left AW with a babysitter at night.  He did GREAT!  We were so paranoid, mainly just because she was going to have to handle the whole bedtime routine.  Obviously we think it’s more scientific than it really is seeing as how he went down no problem and slept like a champ.  It’s very reassuring to know that we can go out and someone else can handle bedtime.  Maybe we’ll actually get out more now;)
We all slept in Sunday, skipped church because someone was being a major fussy pants, ran some errands and then had a really nice dinner out…our little family of 3.  We’re finally getting to the point of being able to go out without AW having a major meltdown.  Generally, as long as sit outside, he does pretty good.  Last night he just fell asleep.  It used to not be like this, so we are thankful his fussiness is getting better.
Before we left Saturday night..he loves to sit in his Boppy on the couch

Heading out to dinner last night…my handsome boy
A sleeping baby and Blue Moon makes for a nice dinner

Before school this morning…rockin’ the blue overalls.  He just kills me with these expressions.

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