Over the weekend…Nashville!

We took a little weekend road trip to visit our dear friends, The Hand’s, and so that Asher Wade could meet his future wife precious Emma!  We had so much fun!  AW had a pretty sweet set up and was able to sleep in Emma’s nursery, and borrow her swing, bouncy seat and all her fun toys, so it was such an easy trip and about as close to feeling at home as possible.  Sure makes traveling with a baby easy when you don’t have to lug all their stuff, especially when the sleeping arrangement is just like home.  He slept like a champ:-)
We had so much fun visiting with the Hand family.  We had to laugh about how different these visits are now.  No more late nights at swanky restaurants and loud bars.  After the babies went to bed, we watched a little Family Feud and were in bed by 10, ha!  My how times have changed;)
Play time

Aren’t they a cute couple?

Watching their shows together

The BOB brigade

Yeah, we’ll definitely be purchasing one of these

Breakfast at Loveless Café…finally!

The only way to ride now

Just love my little monkey:-)
Such a fun weekend!  Thank you Jason and Amy for your hospitality.  We just love y’all and can’t wait to visit again soon!

2 thoughts on “Over the weekend…Nashville!

  1. If you haven't got a jumparoo yet, they usually have some very nice ones at the consignment store on 280 across from panera. I think is called Wee Peats. It's in the same building as Bar Stools Etc.


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