Friday Faves

Oh PTL the weekend is here!  Can I just tell you how insanely busy and stressful the last several weeks have been at work?  Pure insanity.  I need this weekend so bad, plus a few more.  I’m particularly excited for this weekend because…
* We have some special visitors here for the weekend!  We have a very busy weekend with a wedding of a dear friend and Zoo Gala, so my mom has graciously come to take care of AW so Matt and I can enjoy ourselves.  And since Logan now lives in Nashville, he decided to drive down as well for the weekend.  Yay, yay, yay!!
* Coconut oil.  In the search of trying to find an all natural  remedy for AW’s dry skin on his head, and the redness on his bottom, several mommy friends recommended coconut oil.  Can I just say that I’ve been using this stuff on everything now.  It helps/cures all kinds of things.  Kind of like breast milk;)  Seriously though, you can put a little coconut oil or breast milk on pretty much any skin irritation and it clears it right up.  AW even had a gunky eye awhile back, that we actually thought was the start of pink eye, and I just squirted some breast milk in it and it cleared right up.  Ha!
* Pre-preggo clothes finally starting to fit again.  My body shape is definitely different now, and I still have several pounds to lose to get back to my normal weight, but at least I can start wearing some of my pants again.  I refused to buy new pants!
* Obsessed with this stuff….Biscoff Spread.  It tastes like crumbled cookies.  So good on toast, cinnamon raisin bagels, apples, or just all on its own.
* Anyone watching Breaking Bad?  Good Lord this final season is stressful.  I told Matt we needed to stop watching this before bed because it gets me all wired and I can’t fall asleep.  So good though.
And because you know I can’t leave without posting some pictures of my sweet little man….


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