Over the (very busy) weekend…

We had the BEST time this weekend with my mom and brother!  It’s unusual for us to all be in the same city, so it was very special to be able to spend a few days together.  Hopefully with Logan living in Nashville now, this will become a more common occurrence.  We were just missing my dad. 
Asher Wade loved being able to stay home from school on Friday to spend the day with Granberry.  I got lots of updates and pictures throughout the day:-)

Talking to Granberry on their afternoon stroll
We did a little shopping on Saturday afternoon and enjoyed a yummy lunch at Seasons 52.  As much as I love bringing AW everywhere, it was nice to be able to eat in peace and not have to juggle a nursing baby in one arm, while eating with the other;)

Friday night we attended the wedding of our sweet friends, Cassie and Will!  The reception was fabulous, and it was hard not to smile looking at the happy couple.  We are so thrilled for them and can’t wait to see what God has in store for their new life together.
The hubby and me

Sandy, Cassie and Leanne

Kinsley, Sandy, Alison and Leanne

The beautiful bride!


Cassie, Leanne and Stevie

Love this little mama to be

Will and Cassie…so happy!

Saturday night we attended Zoo Gala…  
Two nights in a row for us!  Who are we?!

Logan and Matt

Me and Kinsley

Logan, Leanne and Matt

Not gonna lie…I was exhausted by Sunday, and I wanted to cry when my alarm went off this morning.  If only AW understood that Saturdays and Sundays are made for sleeping in.  It was worth it though:-)

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