Asher Wade at 5 Months

Asher Wade, you are 5 months old!  This month has been full of changes and new things for you.  I feel like you have developed the most this past month than any other so far.  It seems like you learn or do something new every day.  I love watching your little mind work.  For the most part I enjoy watching you grow and change, but I do get a little nostalgic every now and then.  I get teary eyed when I have to pack up clothes that no longer fit, and sometimes when I go back and look at older pictures of you.  For the most part though, I enjoy every new stage and continue to look forward to what’s to come. 

Your personality continues to develop and we are getting better and better at figuring out your likes and dislikes.  With you it is all about timing and schedule, and as long as we follow that, you are a happy camper.  I of all people understand the need for structure and order, ha!  You are very loving and cuddly, which mama LOVES, but you are also very impatient and strong willed, which mama can’t really complain about because we all know where you get that from;)

The one benefit of working full time is that it makes my time with you that much more special.  In all honesty, I think working helps me to be a better mom when I am home.  Hands down my favorite time with you is right before I lay you down in your crib at night.  After you finish eating I lay you over my shoulder, sway back and forth and sing to you.  You wrap your little arms around my neck and cuddle right up to me.  I could just breath in your scent for hours.  Sometimes I don’t want to put you down.  I always stop for a second and thank God for giving you to us.  You are such a blessing.

Age: 5 months

Weight: Almost 15 lbs at his 4 month checkup, so he’s definitely over that now

Length: Almost 27 inches at his 4 month checkup, so maybe 27.5?

Head circumference: 17 inches at his last checkup

Clothing size: Pretty much 6 months, although a few of his 3-6 month outfits still fit.  Size 2 diapers.

Milestones: Smiles all the time and laughs every now and then …usually when we “get his belly.”  Really has a voice now and “talks” to himself and to us.  Recognizes faces and voices, as well as his favorite TV shows.  Went on his first plane ride and did great!  Visited Sarasota and met Pops and lots of new friends.  Attended his first cookout and his first football watching get together.  Started eating a little solid food…so far just brown rice cereal, banana and avocado.  Oh, and he did have a few licks of a Steel City Pop…yum!  Can hold his bottle and likes to direct the spoon or medicine dispenser in his mouth.  Obsessed with his feet and puts them in his mouth all the time.  Started grabbing at my hair (ouch) and pretty much anything he can get his hands on.  Really starting to reach for objects, especially my drink and food.  Can push himself into a crawling position, but no movement yet.  Rolling over like crazy, which unfortunately causes him to wake up at night.  Can now sit facing out in his stroller and doesn’t have to be in the carrier anymore.

Sleep: He still goes down around 7:30 and puts himself to sleep fairly easily.  He suddenly likes to sleep on his belly, which freaks me out, but even if I put him on his back, he’ll roll over pretty quickly, so it’s a never ending battle.  His official wake up time is usually around 7 (meaning when we actually get him out of his crib).  Some nights he sleeps straight through, but lately he’s been waking up once during the night.  We really don’t know if he’s hungry or if he just wakes up to wake up, but I usually just nurse him for a few minutes because that’s the easiest way to settle him back down.  He takes one long nap later in the morning, and then a few shorter naps during the day.

Eating: Still loves to eat!  Takes a total of 18 oz of pumped milk at school, spread out over 4 bottles, and eats a little rice cereal around noon.  I still nurse him in the morning, when I get home from work and then at bedtime.  We’ve played around with a little banana and avocado, but more just for fun and not part of his regular day.


  • Going for walks in his stroller, or pretty much anything outside. 
  • Car rides.  He takes really good naps during them.
  • Sucking on his hands and feet.
  • Playing on his “kick and play piano”.
  • Playing on his owl play mat and reaching for the animals.
  • Bright colors.
  • His teachers Miss Vicki and Miss Harriett…loves them!
  • The mobile above his crib.
  • Music.
  • Dining out alfresco. 
  • Bath time.  He’s started to kick his legs in the water and it’s so cute!
  • Being held and walked around.
  • Being sung to, read to, or just being talked to in general. 
  • Other babies and toddlers. He loves to be around people in general.
  • Riley and Maddux.
  • Looking at himself in the mirror.
  • Napping/nursing in bed with me when we get home from work and school.
  • Sitting in his swing and watching the Baby First and Disney Jr. channels, or as we call it, his “shows.”  He especially loves Peek-a-boo, The Notekins, Henry Hugglemonster and The Higglytown Heroes.
  • Eating! 


  • The evening hours, right before bedtime…his “witching hour.”
  • Being hot. 
  • Getting out of the bath and getting ready for bed.
  • He still puts up a fight over daytime naps.
  • The nose sucker.  He always has boogies up there though!
  • Still not too fond of the Ergo.
  • Burping.  He hates the process, but always feels better after he does.
  • Being woken up early from a nap.
And here are some pictures…

He was very distracted because “The Notekins” was on in the background and he was straining to see


Definitely not as easy to get pictures at this age!
He gives “thunder thighs” a whole new meaning
Trying out a sweet tea flavored Steel City pop
In his crawling stance
He’s figured out how to look in the camera for a selfie:-)


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