Halloween and what not

A little late to the game, but I wanted to post some pictures of Asher Wade dressed up in a ridiculously overpriced costume as the cutest bear you ever did see!  Did we need to spend money on a  costume that he’ll only be able to wear once?  Nope.  Was it totally worth it just to see this cuteness?  Yep. 

His daycare has a Halloween parade every year and the older toddlers and kids march around the buildings while the babies are pushed in strollers.  It was hilarious and so precious.  We have several friends with older kids so we enjoyed watching them parade around.  AW enjoyed taking it all in from the comfort of a stroller.

This is about there the fun ends.  For several months now Matt and I had planned to be out of town this past weekend…our first baby-free trip and we were so excited.  I had a dear friend get married this past Saturday and we decided it was the perfect excuse to get away, just the two of us, for some much needed adult time.  My in-laws agreed to drive down and keep AW for us.  The plan was to head out Friday around lunch time and come back Sunday afternoon.  Enter the stomach bug from Hades.  AW’s school called us Thursday afternoon to let us know that he threw up his entire bottle, something he has never done, and they thought we may want to come get him.  He was acting totally fine, but obviously something was going on.  He seemed fine when we got home, but then threw up again after I nursed him at bedtime.  My MIL had planned to keep him home anyways on Friday and reported throughout the morning that he was keeping his milk down fine.  We thought we were in the clear and planned to leave as scheduled.  Then Matt started feeling funny.  Next my MIL started feeling the funk.  Shortly after I joined the crew.  Stomach bug all around!  AW was hardly affected, but I couldn’t keep a thing down for 24 hours.  Needless to say our weekend getaway went kaput:-(  I mean seriously, what are the odds?!  Such is the life of a parent I suppose….

Wouldn’t know anything was wrong with him with these silly smiles


We were finally feeling better on Sunday and ventured out to the park.  AW experienced the swings for the first time and loved them!

Later that afternoon we got to meet up with a sorority sister of mine that was in town for the afternoon with her sweet family.  She had a little boy a couple weeks after AW was born, so it was fun getting them together.  After an early dinner at CPK, we enjoyed our favorite Steel City Pops.  So fun reconnecting with old friends!

This child loves Steel City Pops!

Can y’all believe it’s November?!  Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before you know it!  I am dying to decorate the house, but am trying to hold off a little bit longer:-)

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