Friday’s Faves

Heyyyyy…you read that right.  I am posting a “Friday’s Faves” post.  One of my “goals” (NOT resolutions) is to get back to posting more.  I like to write and I like to document my very uneventful life, and I’ve really fallen off the blogging wagon, so this is my attempt to get back on it:-)
I am loving a lot lately, namely several items that I received as Christmas gifts…
* Clarisonic Mia 2.  This has been on my Christmas wish list for awhile now and wouldn’t you know it, my sweet in-laws got it for me this year!  It’s awesome!  I love a nicely exfoliated face and with this crazy cold weather we are having, it’s doing a good job with this unsightly dry skin.  Is there such a thing as exfoliating too much?  I may have removed the top 2 layers of my skin;)

 * This was also on my Christmas list and it’s probably the one thing I needed most in my life.  I always start the year off diligently reading my morning devotional, but somewhere around March I start to slack off.  Mornings are beyond hectic these days (helllloooo working mama of an 8 month old), but considering the simplicity of these daily devotionals, I have no excuse not to start my day off with a little quiet time.
* I’ve blogged about my favorite perfume before, but after being out for a few months, and then getting a bottle for Christmas, it deserves a plug.  I have multiple people come up to me whenever I wear this.  It’s so distinct and a little goes a long way. 
Thierry Muggler Angel
* Crossfit!  I started this back in November and I’m totally hooked.  It works out perfectly because the sessions are short enough, and the gym is near my office, so that I can workout on my lunch break.  I’ve already noticed a change in my body and I’m getting stronger and tighter.  Plus it’s fun, the workouts are always different and the people are great.
* Totally switching gears, but these cookies are awesome:-)
Happy weekend, y’all!!

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