Friday’s Faves

As I currently type this I am hacking up one of my lungs and my head feels like it is detached from my body.  Oh, and my sweet baby boy has so much stuff coming out of his nose I’m not sure if I should call his ped or a plumber.  We need some prayers for relief and recovery over here.  This winter is panning out to be kind of brutal.  Spring can’t get here soon enough!
I racked up a major Sephora haul last weekend.  In addition to replenishing my favorite skincare regimen, I added a couple new items to my beauty routine and they did not disappoint…
* BB cream is my most used beauty product.  Being the minimalist that I am (in the makeup department anyways), this is a must have.  This Diorskin Nude BB Creme is definitely the best I’ve ever used.  Lightweight, sheer coverage, moisturizing and has SPF. 
* I also picked up the Dior Hydralife BB Eye Creme to help with these under eye circles and I’m sold on this too.  Who knew they made BB cream for your eyes?!  The consistency is really creamy and the coverage is great.  A little goes a long way, so don’t let the somewhat hefty price alarm you.  I bet this will last me a year at least. 
* I also snatched up this Dior Addict Lip Glow after reading such good reviews.  It’s really moisturizing and I like the natural looking color (I bought the Natural Pink color).  It’s more than I would normally spend on a lip gloss, but again, it will last me a long time.
* Moving on to food related products, if you can find these in your local grocery store (I bought them at Whole Foods), I’d recommend you buy a couple bags.  So addicting, but they’re pretty healthy so you can snack without the guilt.  AW likes them too:-)
* Speaking of AW, we are loving the “mix and match essentials” from Gap.  Gap is definitely our go-to clothing store for him because the clothes are simple and cute and they hold up well in the wash.  They fit him really well too.  This collection is great because you can basically buy 5 pants and 5 tops and have tons of combinations.  Have I mentioned I love stripes on a little boy? 
Happy weekend, y’all!!

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