Friday’s Faves

Happy Friday, friends!  Is anyone else desperately ready for some warm weather?!  I am!!  This has been a rough a winter and I am hoping that since it is almost April, we’ll have nothing but warm sunshine in our future.  Too soon for white pants?  I’m of the mindset that St. Patrick’s Day should be the kick-off of white pant season.  Waiting until Memorial Day is for the birds. 
Faves of the week…
* Chobani Simply 100 calorie yogurts.  What a perfect, little, healthy snack!  It’s hard to find a 100 calorie snack that actually fills you up (and tastes good), but this one does the trick.  Lots of good flavors too.
* These new Kashi bars.  They are so good.  They come two to a pack, but I’m often satisfied with just one and I save the other for later.

* This is hands down the most moisturizing body wash I have ever used.  It makes my dry winter skin so soft.

* I’ve been drinking this hot tea like crazy.  It’s so good, and instantly relaxes me for some reason.  Between this and my Mother’s Milk tea (for “healthy lactation” so you may want to stay clear unless you are a nursing mama) I am a tea addict these days.

* Everything in Gap stores is 40% off.  Everything.  This includes Gap Kids.  Perfect time to pick up some new spring clothes for the whole family.  We have definitely been taking advantage;)  It looks like there are some sales online too, but for the 40%, you have to physically go to a local Gap.  We LOVE Baby Gap and Gap Kids for dressing Asher Wade.  Their stuff fits and holds up well in the wash…plus everything is super cute!

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