Easter Festivities

We had a wonderful Easter weekend with our little bunny this year!  So hard to believe that at Easter last year I was 9 months pregnant and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our Asher Wade, and this year he was here…and almost 1 year old!  We had a great time celebrating as a family of 3.
Festivities started on Thursday at AW’s school Easter party.  Talk about some chaos!  We attempted an egg hunt, but the babies were not too interested.  AW really just liked finding the eggs and chucking them across the room.  After that and then a lunch of fried chicken, cheese and fruit, I heard that everyone crashed.
He ended up under the table eating fruit snacks. Surprise, surprise.
This table is hilarious!  It holds all of them.
Waiting on their lunch
Easter Sunday we got up and checked out what the Easter bunny brought…
He really liked this play phone.  Now maybe he won’t be so obsessed with my iphone.
We went to the early service at church. It was a beautiful service and packed as usual. We were able to get a few pictures afterwards. My mom bought AW’s sweet Easter bubble around Easter time last year, so it has been hanging in his closet for a year now. So fun to finally pull it out, and thankfully it runs a little big considering that he has turned out to be such a chunky monkey;)
That afternoon we went to our annual Easter brunch at Avo with our dear friends Rodney and Mary Leah.  Crazy that we now have an extra person joining us at the table!
What a difference a year makes.  I was about to pop in the bottom picture.
AW was enamoured with Rodney!
After trying a lemon:-)
Listening to Rodney talk
All in all it was an absolutely perfect weekend celebrating our risen Saviour.  I look forward to teaching Asher Wade all about the meaning of Easter and the story of how Jesus gave his own life so that we could live forever.  I was especially grateful for that sacrifice this year as I look at the innocent face of my own child.  So blessed and thankful.

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