Scenes from a one year old’s birthday party

Well, Asher Wade’s 1st birthday has come and gone.  The party came and went kind of like his first year of life…in a flurry.  We were so happy to have many family members and friends here to celebrate.  I’m so incredibly grateful for the special people we have in our lives that always go out of their way to celebrate our little boy.  He is so loved and he doesn’t even know how much.
In case you can’t figure it out, we had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party.  I am actually completely against themes of any sort, but when your child literally lights up every time Mickey Mouse comes on and can hardly contain himself when the “Hot Dog Dance” starts up, it was inevitable that I would have to let go of my selfishness.  I suppose this is only the beginning of giving in to slightly creepy cartoon characters taking over birthday parties. 
The invites
Our sweet 1 year old!

The food table
The cake.  And what a cake it was.  This cake traveled all the way from Lawrenceburg, KY (Matt’s hometown) because of the simple fact that the lady that makes them is just that good.
Toodles’ Tossed Fruit Salad (If you have never watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, then I realize that you must think I am a total nut job, but I can assure you that this will all make perfect sense if you ever watch one episode.  Trust me.)
Minnie’s Bowtie Salad and Hot Diggity Dogs (pigs n’ a blanket)
Daisy’s Garden Veggies
Mickey’s “Clubhouse” Sandwiches
Yes, this happened.  Not ashamed one bit.
Goofy’s Goldfish and Donald’s Quackers
Watering Hole
Clarabelle’s Chocolate Milk and Pluto’s Punch.  Not pictured was the mimosa bar;)
Closeup of the cookie favors
We’ve Got Ears, Say Cheers!
Mickey ears for all:-)
Precious banner with his name
And matching “I am One” banner for his high chair

He thought his smash cake was some sort of ball and almost chucked it right off the tray

So we decided we better cut it up a little

Child has not met a cake he didn’t like
Get it bud
Smash cake success
Present time!  Oh, and the nakedness was just easier after the smash cake mess.
I adore these pictures of Rodney and AW
What Matt and I got him….he loves it!

It was such a wonderful day!  All the work and planning was totally worth it.  Not sure how we will top it next year, but I will certainly try;)

Party details:
* Most ideas came from Pinterest.  Just search “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party”
* Name banner, high chair banner, favor tags and food labels all came from “The Sweetheart Party Shop” on Etsy
* AW’s birthday shirt was made by the “Sweet Dumpling Boutique” on Etsy
* Cake and cookies were made by Elly Spencer in Lawrenceburg, KY
* Plates, table cloths, table runners, napkins, cups, straws, Mickey Mouse cookie cutter (for the sandwich meat) and Mickey Mouse ears were all ordered off Amazon
* Invitations were ordered from Tiny Prints (photo was by Alisa Sue Photography in Sarasota, FL)

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