Asher Wade at 13 Months

My little love bug is 13 months!  This has been a big month developmentally.  It was like he turned 1 and then turned in to a toddler over night!  He’s now walking all over the place.  No slowing him down!  He looks like a little zombie because he holds his arms out in front of him.  It’s really pretty comical.  Even though he’s been walking for a month now, he still gets so excited about it.  He claps and hollers and just seems to be so proud of himself.  Probably because mama makes a huge fuss every single time;)  He’s in to everything.  It seems like no matter how much we baby proof, he finds stuff to get in to.  Why do they always go straight for the no-no things?!  He’s saying dada, doggie, book and ball and what we think is mama, particularly when he’s upset and crying for me.

We went to the beach earlier this month for a belated 1st birthday trip.  We plan to make it an annual thing to go somewhere fun for his birthday.  It was such a great trip!  This was AW’s first time in the sand.  He screamed bloody murder at first, but then got to where he sort of liked it. Can’t blame him. I hate the sand too.  Other fun memories from this past month were Mother’s Day, a crawfish boil and a “mommy and me” photo shoot, which I can’t wait to share pics from soon!

He’s sleeping great, minus a random night here and there.  We usually put him down around 8 and he wakes up anytime between 6:30 and 7.  He naps at daycare from 12 to 2, but at home he usually goes down earlier and then takes another nap in the afternoon. He’s still nursing several times a day when I am home with him. I’m not planning on weaning him anytime soon.  He loves it too much and I know it’s still good for him.  I am trying to get him to take whole milk or almond milk or coconut milk, or really any milk that doesn’t require mama to pump milk! This has been a slow process. We are to the point where I can mix breast milk with some other type of milk and he’ll usually drink it. He eats well at daycare and usually gobbles up whatever they serve. Still prefers carbs, fruit and cheese though. Favorite foods are pasta, grilled cheese, quesadilla, waffles, french toast, blueberries, strawberries, tangerines, yogurt, peas and those fruit/veggie pouches.
Other “likes” are walking everywhere, getting in to cabinets and drawers, climbing, playing with any sort of ball (he loves to throw it back and forth with us), going for walks in his push car outside, bath time, swinging at the park, going out to eat, singing songs, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins, his teachers Miss Vicki and Miss Harriet, Riley and Maddux, his tambourine, toy TV remote, Elmo guitar, plastic water bottles, books (especially ones with animals) and any toy that plays music or makes a lot of noise!  Not too many dislikes right now except for grass, being hot, being tired or having things taken away from him (usually stuff he’s not supposed to have anyways).  We are going through quite the clingy stage right now. He freaks out if someone new comes in the house, or even if it’s someone not so new, and he cries if we try to leave. His teachers and sitter tell us he’s fine as soon as we leave though:-) 
We did have a weight check at a sick visit last week, and he clocked in at 25 lbs, 2 oz.  For height I would guess around 31 in.  Wearing size 12-18 months or 18 month clothes depending on the brand and still in size 4 diapers.  We had to visit the pediatrician this past week after he was sent home from daycare with a 102 degree fever!  He was definitely not acting like himself and after a very rough night of sleep, I took him to the doctor.  Turns out he had a little hand/foot/mouth virus down in his throat. Ouch!  He appears to be on the mend now. 

Here are some pictures…
This was a sneak peek that my friend sent from our shoot a couple weeks ago.  (Disclaimer: I know it looks like I am naked, but I swear I’m wearing a strapless maxi dress!  AW on the other hand was naked;))


Still has the biggest eyes.  So much expression in them.

Covering the goods with mama’s pumice stone.

This child.  Climbs and gets in to everything.

Poor munchkin at the ped’s office last week.

But happy a few hours later when cheese and animal crackers came in to the picture.
So mischievous

Just hates pasta as you can tell;)
Who me?  I swear I didn’t get out all these toys in the span of 30 seconds.

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