Friday’s Faves

Our household (well, Matt and I anyways) have been on a bit of a health kick lately.  Not that I haven’t ever really been unhealthy, but I certainly have been a little out of sorts with diet and exercise over the past few months for whatever reason.  I’ve been trying to be more mindful about what I’m putting in my body and making a point to exercise every day, even if that just means a walk around our (very hilly) neighborhood.  Matt has really been doing great and I’m proud of the changes he has made and the new habits he is forming.  Being healthy is not always fun per se, but it definitely helps you to feel better, and that’s fun, right??  Here are some of the “tools” we’ve been using lately…
* PB2.  This stuff is awesome.  Two tablespoons of this powder only has 45 calories.  Gives anything that yummy peanut butter taste.  If you want it to be an actual spread, then add one tablespoon of water to the powder.  I like to just add a couple spoonfuls of the powder to my morning shakes to get the peanut butter flavor without the calories and fat of actual peanut butter.
* Shakeology.  I’m using this as the base for my morning shakes.  Perfect ratio of fat/carbs/protein/fiber.  Plus it’s filling and tastes great.  Below is my favorite combo.  I just add ice and then blend away in my Magic Bullet.  Such a quick and tasty breakfast.

* 30 Day Abs Challenge.  I came across this on Facebook back in May and have committed to it for the month of June.  I missed a few days, but for the most part I have stuck with it.  I like that you can basically pick any month and participate.  I may try and do it a few times a year.  Of course I’ll do some ab work even when I’m not following the actual challenge, but this is a good option when you need to ramp things up.  Oh, and I have definitely noticed some results!

* Zumba!  I’m a new Zumba convert and I love it!  Such a high energy, cardio workout and I love that it is a judgment free zone and you can just let loose and have fun.  It’s hard to find a workout that is truly fun, but this one is.
* Matt is using the MyFitnessPal app on his phone to track his food and exercise and he really likes it.  I think it is pretty similar to Weight Watchers in the sense that you plug-in everything you eat and whenever you exercise, but instead of having a “points” quota each day, you have a calorie quota.  Seems to be working for him!

What are some of your favorite healthy habits and tricks?  I’m always on the lookout for new ideas and tips.

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