Friday’s Fave (things from this past week)

* This Shrimp and Corn Risotto was a yummy and healthy recipe we tried.  Risotto can be a little time consuming, but it’s pretty foolproof.  We prepped everything the night before, so besides the time you have to spend stirring, it’s a pretty quick weeknight meal.  Use fresh corn…it makes a difference.

* I did our weekly grocery trip at the Walmart and you know what, it was cheaper, and it wasn’t completely terrible.  I’m known to be kind of a grocery store snob.  Only because I’m a pretty healthy eater, and a vegetarian, so it’s often just easier to go to Whole Foods.  The problem with WF is that I still usually have to make a trip to Publix to get a few other items that WF doesn’t carry, then CVS for some drugstore items, and then still Target or Walmart for bulk household items.  This all adds up, and wastes my time.  By going to the one stop shop Walmart, I got everything.  In one trip.  And saved some money.  And (unfortunately?) I didn’t even witness any of those “People of Walmart.”

* I started reading What Alice Forgot a few days ago and I seriously can’t put it down.  It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book that keeps me from wanting to pass out as soon as my head hits the pillow, but this one is a page turner for sure.  She also wrote The Husband’s Secret, which is another great read.

* I booked the hotel for mine and Matt’s very first weekend away by ourselves.  Yes Asher Wade is 15 months (he’ll actually be 17 months by the time we go) and this is long overdo, but it’s just been a struggle for me to leave him.  Sure we’re only going 3 hours away to Nashville and it’s technically because I have a work conference, but we will have 3 nights all to ourselves and we can sleep in till whenever we want.  I.cannot.wait.

* Asher Wade didn’t come home with any dreaded yellow notices this week (this is what they get when they bite).  After receiving two notices last week, I was at my wits end with the biting, but maybe we are turning a corner now?

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