Friday’s Fave {things from this past week}

* I started drinking regular caffeinated coffee again!  After not having the good stuff for two years now (between pregnancy and nursing), I was in shock by how much better the regular coffee tasted.  I think my Starbucks barista was a little surprised when I gave them my new order after requesting decaf for so long.  He asked what caused the switch and I was a little unsure of how to explain that I was only nursing a few times a day now so I didn’t think the caffeine would bother my little guy too much;), so I just answered his question with a laugh and shrug of the shoulders. #insertawkwardsilence  I think he really did want to know my reason.
* It’s been so daggone hot here lately (typical August in B’ham) and I’ve struggled with dressing AW for daycare so he doesn’t get over heated.  Normally if you mentioned boys in tanktops I would probably balk, but I really love the (these and these and these) cute tank tops from Target.  They come in several colors, are inexpensive and they look super cute on him!
* I’ve mentioned before how AW appears to be entering the tantrum phase.  It’s incredibly frustrating and annoying and it’s definitely testing my patience.  I know it’s only the beginning and I need to learn some strategies to deal with the long haul.  I came across this short article the other day and I thought it was pretty good.  I really like the first point about not getting angry at him for throwing the tantrums, but rather accepting it and learning how to help.
* We tried out a new restaurant for breakfast here in B’ham – Big Bad Breakfast – and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  The food was great and I really liked the diner atmosphere.  I had the oatmeal pancakes with strawberries and bananas and AW inhaled half of the huge serving.  That child loves him some carbs…
* We’ve kind of gotten in the habit of watching one show at a time because let’s face it, we only have time to watch one show.  After finishing House of Cards a few weeks go, we’ve since started Orange is the New Black.  I’m telling y’all, these Netflix shows are the way to go.  They’re all so good!  We’re really enjoying OITNB.
* Matt posted this photo of himself a few days ago.  Can you believe the transformation over just a few months?!  He’s been working so hard to lose this weight and I’m super proud of him for committing to getting healthy.
Happy Friday y’all!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!  We have a busy one.  We’re attending a parenting conference all day at church tomorrow.  Will definitely let y’all know how that goes…:-)

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