Riley’s Top 11 Memories {in honor of his 11th birthday}

Riley George Whitley hyphen McWilliams turned 11 years old this weekend.  Eleven years this goofy fur ball has been getting in to mischief and trash cans.  I’ve had so many memories with this guy from college, to marriage, to becoming a mommy, with lots of changes and moves during all of it.  He’s been very faithful, and as crazy as he may drive me these days, I try to remember that he was technically my “first” baby.

I was looking through some pictures of him the other day and was reminded of so many fun memories.  I bet Riley has some good ones too.  If I had to pick, I think these would be his top 11, from his perspective of course…

* Going to my new home.  I was the cutest puppy in the litter, so it’s no surprise my mom picked me.  Not trying to be cocky…just stating the facts.  I curled up in her lap in the car on the way to my new home.  I just knew I was where I was supposed to be.

* Going to the dog beach.  The only thing I didn’t like about the dog beach was the fact that there were other dogs there.  I mean, don’t they realize I’m too good to play with other dogs?


* When my brother came home.  (I’m talking about Maddux, not Asher Wade.  Jury is still out on that one).  Like I mentioned above, normally I could care less about other dogs, but Maddux seemed to worship me from day one.  Therefore he was accepted. Forget Milk Bones being the way to a dog’s heart.  Admiration that’s borderline obsessive worship is more the way to mine.


* When I dressed up as Batman/Batdog for Halloween.  Who doesn’t like being Batman for a day?  I especially liked that Maddux was Robin.  Made me feel even more superior than I already am.


* Everyday when mom comes home from work.  No one day is better than the others.  They’re all just awesome.


* Riding in the convertible.  I was made for that ride.  Still don’t know why we had to get rid of it.  Oh yeah.  The “kid” and his need to ride in a safe 4-door SUV.  Demanding that one is.


* That one Christmas when I got more in my stocking than the other dogs.  We all know Santa loves me best.


* When I came in first for my age bracket in that 5K, got a certificate AND a bandana. #rockedit


* When I pulled all of the trash out and distributed it in every inch of the house and Maddux got blamed.  Haha.  Hahaha.


* When I was the star of our family pictures.  Now I’m not even invited.


* When Asher Wade started eating real food.  I guess he can stay.


Non-favorite moments include that day they made me wear a Santa hat, everyday that there was a foster dog in our house, the day I realized Asher Wade was not one of those foster dogs and was actually here to stay, and that day I woke up and realized my manhood was gone.



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