Over the Weekend

Saturday I did something that I don’t think I’ve done in 16+ months…I left Asher Wade with Matt and went shopping all day.  It.was.fabulous.  I really haven’t been able to do this since he was born because I always had the pumping/nursing conundrum.  Granted I could have always just taken him with me, but how relaxing is it to shop with a baby?  It’s not.  I couldn’t exactly go without him because the whole pumping in the car every few hours is just awkward.  Now that we are down to just morning and night nursing, I have some flexibility during the day!  Plus, to be honest, I’m just now starting to realize how important and beneficial it is for me to have some “me time.”  I felt like a new person when I got home.

After taking AW to breakfast with another mommy friend and her little girl Saturday morning, I dropped him off at home and then literally shopped and ran errands for the rest of the day…even had a nice, quiet lunch all by myself:-)  I would have loved to kept going, but we had plans that night to attend a charity gala.  I felt kind of guilty coming home just long enough to get fancied up and then turn around and leave again, but AW was so excited to see his babysitter that he didn’t seem to care.  I spent all day with him on Sunday anyways since Matt was golfing.  We totally skipped church (sometimes getting out of the house with a toddler, showered, dressed and looking church appropriate is just too much) and thanks to the crazy storms, spent a lot of time playing inside and watching TV.  We did venture out to the gym and grocery store at some point.  Then Sunday night I had an impromptu dinner out with some sweet girlfriends.  It was the most “me time” I’ve had in a while!


Me and my honey at the Hope Gala benefiting the American Cancer Society


So happy that Rodney and Mary Leah were able to join us!


Such a good looking couple:-)


I got my Jessica Simpson dress super cheap from Belk


Breakfast with my little redneck toothed man;) (He actually just had a mouth full of puffs, but how funny does this look?!)


Watching some TV from the comfort of his choo choo


So, AW is terrified of the dust buster and vacuum. As soon as either comes out, he runs to his “safe place” under the high chair.



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