Show Us Your Life: Breakfast Recipes

Linking up for S.U.Y.L. over at Kelly’s Korner Blog.  Today’s topic is “Favorite Breakfast Recipes.”  I love me some breakfast!  One of my favorite breakfast recipes is also one of the EASIEST recipes you will ever make.  I remember all through my childhood my mom making these for us on the weekends.  It’s especially fun for kids because you get to pick your toppings and get messy!  Besides the frying part, this is a fun breakfast for kids to participate in.  Plus, besides the frying oil and whatever toppings you may want, you only need ONE ingredient!  So here goes!

1 Ingredient Donuts

All you need is a can of refrigerated biscuit dough and then oil for frying (we use vegetable) and whatever toppings you have on hand (I’ll give some suggestions below).

Open the can of biscuits, separate each one and line up on a sheet of wax paper.  Using a donut hole cutter (or even just the spout of a somewhat wide necked bottle) press down in the middle of each biscuit and remove the hole.  Set the holes aside because you will fry those too.  Fill a frying pan (cast iron works great) about 2 inches high with oil.  Heat oil over medium heat.  Carefully drop the donuts/holes in one by one; don’t overcrowd the pan.  Fry until golden brown and then use a wooden skewer to flip and brown the other side.  It only takes a minute or so on each side.  Carefully remove the donuts and transfer to a plate that has several layers of paper towels on it to let the oil drain.  Finish with remaining donuts and holes.  Bring the plate of donuts over to the kitchen table and have fun dipping/rolling/coating in whatever your chosen toppings are.  Enjoy warm.

Ideas for toppings:

Powdered sugar

Cinnamon/sugar mixture

Glaze (just blend milk, powdered sugar until you get the right consistency; add a little lemon juice and lemon zest or vanilla extract if you want)

Melted semi sweet chocolate chips

Whatever you can think of!



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