Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful…

* For the five days I spent in Sarasota, with my family, relaxing, recharging and reaffirming what’s really important.  {Pictures and a new post to follow soon!}

* To now be back home with Matt and the fur babies.  It’s always hard to leave Sarasota, but it makes it easier when I have something worthwhile to come home to.

* That Sirius is offering a free trial offer for satellite radio.  We cancelled our subscription a couple of months ago in an effort to cut back and I had no idea how much I would miss it!  I was so excited when I got in the car after vacation and realized it was on, albeit only for a short period.

* That our new small group starts tonight!  Can’t wait to see old friends, meet new friends and see what God has in store for this semester.  I’m also thankful to have a husband that feels called to lead like I do.

* A dry cleaning service that picks up and drops off right at my office.  Otherwise there’s no telling how long the dirty clothes bag would sit in my car.

* For toddler hugs and kisses, especially when I need them most.

* That highs do not appear to be making it in to the 90s this week.  Maybe a sign that this hot summer is making an exit??

What are YOU thankful for today?




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