Motherhood Monday {a Day in the Life}

I wish I had done more of these in the past so I could see how our “typical day” has evolved.  It seems like our routine is constantly changing although lately, for the most part, it’s been pretty predictable.  I will say one thing…it’s exhausting!  We go from 6:30 am to 9:30 pm most nights, and when I say go, I literally mean very little downtime.  Here’s a view in to our usual daily routine

6:30 am – Rise and shine!  Asher Wade wakes up anywhere from 6:30-7, so he either wakes me up or I just wake up on my own out of habit.

6:30-7:45 – Get AW up and change his diaper, nurse him, fix him breakfast (usually a waffle) and let him watch Disney Jr. and play while Matt and I get ready.  I try to wash my hair the night before and pick my clothes out, so this helps me out some.  Matt is usually in charge of getting AW dressed and packing his bag for daycare.  Matt is also really good about bringing AW’s bag and my purse and gym bag down to the car and feeding the dogs.  Mornings are pretty hectic and stressful:-(  We try to get as much ready as possible the night before, but it still seems like we are always scrambling in the mornings.  I wish we could come up with some tricks to make mornings go smoother because I hate starting my day off like that.  Anyone have some tips??

7:45’ish – Out the door.  We all leave around the same time.  Matt goes straight to work.  I take AW to daycare since it is close to my office.  We have about a 30 minute drive with school traffic…less in the summers.  Sometimes AW is kind of grumpy and whines in the backseat which drives me bonkers.  Most mornings he’s quiet though and just looks out the window.  Some mornings we swing through the Starbucks drive-thru:-)

8:15 – Drop him off at daycare.  He’s always super happy to get there and see his friends, which makes this mama very happy:-)

8:25 – Usually the time I get to work.  My office is only like 5 minutes up the road from daycare.

8:30-5:30 – I work!  No need to bore y’all with my lawyerly duties;)  Some days are really crazy (ok, most days are really crazy), but I do have some slower days.  I pretty much stick to those hours though.  If necessary I work through lunch, but usually I workout on my lunch break.  We are fortunate to have a little gym in our office so that makes it super convenient.  It really helps to break my day up with a run or something.

5:30 – Head out to go pickup AW…yay!  I love getting to daycare to pick him up.  He always runs to me for a big hug.  I give him a snack in the car because he’s usually tired and grumpy, but aren’t we all after a long day?!

6:00 – Arrive home.  Matt is usually already there since he gets off at 5.

6:00-7’ish – Soak up every minute with AW.  We play inside, go for a walk around the neighborhood with him in his push car, fix dinner (although to be honest, we usually just throw something together real quick or get takeout) and Matt and I talk about our day.  Sometimes we go out to eat, but since AW is usually pretty tired and worn out, the restaurant scene is not always a good idea;)

7:15-7:30 – Bath time for AW.  Matt usually does bath time and I pick up the living room and kitchen, get his pj’s out and room ready and pick out his outfit for the next day.  AW loves his bath.  He’s so funny because as soon as we ask him if he’s ready, he darts to the bathroom.

7:30-8’ish – We get AW in his pj’s, brush his teeth (such a battle to do this), comb his hair, read some books and play with him in his room.  We try to start winding down and keep the lights low.  He lets us know when he’s ready for bed.  He rubs his eyes and I can ask him if he’s ready for “night-night” and he’ll immediately go to his crib or try to climb in my lap to nurse.

Around 8/8:15 – I nurse AW and rock him for a little bit and sing a song (he likes “10,000 Reasons”).  This all lasts 15 minutes max.  He’s usually pretty sleepy by then.  He normally goes in his crib and right to sleep.

8:15-9:30 – Matt and I catch up, eat dinner if we haven’t already, clean up a little, maybe do laundry and try to relax a little.  Some nights if I haven’t already worked out I go for a walk or go to the gym.  I take a long bath, pick out my clothes for the next day and pack my gym bag and lunch.  One of us fixes AW’s sippy cups for the next day and anything else he may need for daycare.  Matt takes care of the dogs.

9:30 – We try and get in bed by then.  We may watch a show (right now we are working our way through Orange is the New Black) and usually I read (tonight I’m blogging!).  We talk about what’s going on tomorrow and anything else we didn’t discuss earlier.

10:30’ish – Lights out!  We should probably go to bed earlier, but this is just what works for us now.

Just a little busy, huh?  What do your days look like lately??


2 thoughts on “Motherhood Monday {a Day in the Life}

  1. Just wanted you to know I am enjoying the new blog!! I always like the Asher Wade monthly posts and the ones like this – sometimes it gives me a peek ahead and sometimes I can’t believe how similar things are! Our current schedule is almost identical!!! You’re making me want to blog again!


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