Toddler Tuesday

Things 16.5 month old #toddlerAW loves these days:

* Swinging/running/investigating at the park

* Awkwardly staring at people

* Screeching, particularly in public settings and especially in public settings where we are supposed to be quiet

* Turning over the dogs’ water bowls…the fuller they are, the more fun he thinks it is

* Sticking things in the bath tub and turning on the water (R.I.P. $250 video monitor)

* Sticking things in the toilet (R.I.P. toothbrush)

* Making diaper changes an olympic sport that requires the utmost strength, athleticism and maneuvering on my part

* Throwing things down the stairs…the louder the noise it makes, the better

* Refusing all food unless it’s orange and processed, or comes from Edgar’s Bakery

* Nursing in really awkward positions





Things #toddlerAW does not like:

* Having things taken away

* Being told he can’t have something

* Not getting what he wants

* When things are out of his reach

* Being told “no” (do you see a pattern here?)

* Selfies


Never a dull moment, but never more fun:-)


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