Toddler Tuesday

It has been a really challenging time in the McWilliams’ household lately.  #toddlerAW is going through quite the little phase and it’s been frustrating, annoying and exhausting all in one.  I follow the Wonder Weeks app very loosely.  I say “loosely” because I’ve never felt that Asher Wade has really stayed in line with the tracker.  They use “sunny” and “stormy” pictures on this little chart to show where your child is at any given time based on their age.  It also explains the different phases your baby/toddler goes through during the first couple years of their life, and then provides some insight as to what’s going on with them physically, emotionally and developmentally.  Basically the purpose is to provide you with some sort of reason for why your kid is suddenly acting bat $hit crazy;)  Anyways, AW is supposedly in a “stormy” period right now and I think the chart may be on par this time.  I certainly feel like a big, black cloud has descended upon our house and is unloading buckets of rain, thunder and lightning in the form of ridiculous amounts of crying, whining and tantrums.  (It’s probably no coincidence that this post follows right behind the one on spanking.)

It’s funny because he can do a complete 180 from one minute to the next.  One minute he’s screaming bloody murder in the car and it’s all I can do to not stop the car in the middle of rush hour traffic, get out, close the door and just sit in the middle of the road for a minute.  At one point on our ride home yesterday I’m pretty sure I saw red…nothing but red.  I had already told Matt we would meet him at the park and as soon as we pulled in and I opened the back door, AW just turned it off and started cheesin’ up a storm like, “Why ya lookin’ all frazzled, mama?”  He happily romped around the playground, obviously forgetting that he had nearly lost his mind 5 minutes before.  I looked at Matt and told him that I just did not get it.  To which Matt promptly responded that he didn’t think we were supposed to.  That’s just the beauty of being first time parents I guess.


Looking happy as can be, but if only you could have seen him 1 minute before. Note that his shoes and socks are off. This was part of the fit of the rage. He chucked them over his head towards the front, surely trying to hit me in the head with them.

IMG_5119 IMG_5122 IMG_5121


“Don’t listen to her, internet people. How could you possibly believe this face could ever do such things.”

Maybe I am just crazy?


One thought on “Toddler Tuesday

  1. Favorite post. Favorite line: “obviously forgetting that he had nearly lost his mind 5 minutes before”. We are right there with you! They are just too darn cute though. 🙂

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