Taking Stock 002

{you can see the last time I took stock here}

Life Lately

Making: a point to turn off my cell phone when I get home
Cooking: not very much at all these days
Drinking: Naked Grape Pinot noir (best “cheap wine” there is)
Reading: The Goldfinch
Wanting: a neutral pair of ballet flats
Looking: forward to Nashville this weekend
Playing: with Asher Wade is the highlight of my day
Deciding: on a new mattress
Wishing: my days weren’t so hectic
Enjoying: this amazing fall weather
Waiting: for the weekend to officially start
Liking: this candy corn I’m munching on right now
Wondering: if we are making the right decision on something
Loving: my little family so, so much
Considering: a family fall trip
Watching: The Voice!
Hoping: for a nice, relaxing and fun weekend with my honey AND that AW behaves at the g’parents’ house
Marvelling: at how fast time goes
Needing: to be more consistent with my workouts
Smelling: breakfast casserole in the break room
Wearing: no makeup
Following: ameliakyoga on Instagram for some daily inspiration (and beautiful pictures)
Noticing: that I am easily affected by other people’s emotions
Knowing: that God has my back
Thinking: about way too many things all at once
Admiring: a couple of special friends and the difference they are making
Sorting: through all of AW’s clothes to see what fits
Buying: myself a treat on our getaway this weekend
Getting: to leave work a little early today…hopefully
Bookmarking: this website for upcoming fall festivals in our area
Disliking: my toe nails…need a pedicure stat!
Opening: a new door can be scary
Giggling: with co-workers
Feeling: anxious

Join in and tell us what’s going on with you lately, too!


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