Nashville and catching up

Sorry for the absence!  We returned from Nashville a couple of days ago and fell right in to our regular chaotic schedules.  Coupled with trying to catch up at work and general things around the house, it’s been a hectic week.  We had a great time though and it was fun to have some adult time and let loose for a few days.  I had a hard time leaving Asher Wade (although he was absolutely in the best hands with my in-laws) and I definitely shed a few tears when we were driving away, but once we got to my brother’s house I felt better.  Logan already had the rest of the day planned out so there was a lot to keep my mind off my little buddy.  Plus it was really great to have this time with Matt….just like the good ole’ days before we were consumed with nap schedules, diapers, sippy cups and toddler tantrums;)  We definitely need to start getting away more often, even if it’s just for a day or two.

We stayed at the Union Station Hotel, which is a great historical hotel right on Broadway.  We were able to walk to just about everything.  Logan had made reservations at some fabulous restaurants, although we ended up cancelling a couple of nights.  We quickly realized that we didn’t want any “scheduled” activities, ha!  When you spend most of your days focused on a schedule, you just kind of want to go with the flow when you get the chance.  Even having set dinner reservations made us feel constrained, and we did not want that for these few days of freedom!  We did keep our Saturday night reservation at Etch (ahh-mazing) and our Sunday brunch reservation at The Southern (this was probably my favorite).  Besides those two places, we ate at Bar Louie and Barlines, which were both great.  Monday and Tuesday I had a conference at Vanderbilt, so Matt and Logan golfed during the day and then we met up for dinner.  All in all it was a great trip and we had a lot of fun with Logan and his girlfriend, Ashley.  Here are a few pictures from our long weekend…


Checking in on Saturday


At Tootsie’s on our first night with Logan and Ashley. Love this place!


My main squeeze


These two…peas in a pod for sure


My “little” brother


Broadway, y’all!


Enjoyed getting to know Ashley a little better and had so much fun with her!


Hanging out and listening to music Sunday afternoon. Dierks Bentley and several other country stars had a random charity concert that afternoon and we were able to listen from the rooftop bar.


Just a shot of one of my evening runs along the Cumberland River. Such a beautiful view.

IMG_5188 IMG_5194 IMG_5195


Ok, so can I just mention this place we got ice cream from on our last night?! It was to die for and the flavors were something else. I had peaches and cream with biscuit. Yes there were pieces of biscuit in my ice cream. Worth every stinkin’ calorie.

Meanwhile, Asher Wade was having a big time in Kentucky with Nanny and PawPaw….

IMG_5198 IMG_5200 IMG_5206


And this mama was happy to have her little man back by Tuesday afternoon…



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