The Pumpkin Express

I’m just going to warn y’all right now that like the rest of America, I am obsessed with all things fall.  There are probably going to be multiple fall inspired posts, including several trips to local pumpkin patches and fall festivals.  You should see our calendar…we have some sort of fall festival every Saturday and Sunday of every weekend in the month of October.  I’ve always loved this sort of stuff, but having a kid has made it even worse.  Consider yourselves warned.

This past weekend was the first of our planned fall activities.  We headed to the Heart of Dixie Railroad for a trip on the Pumpkin Express.  This is a GREAT activity if you are in the area.  You ride this train to a pumpkin patch and there are tons of fun games and things for the kids to do.  There were tons of pumpkins, a bounce house, face painting, hay rides, huge sand boxes (that we kept AW as far as away from as possible), carnival type games and plenty of snacks and drinks.  After spending about an hour there and picking out our pumpkin, we hopped on the train and rode back to the station.  It’s really fun and entertaining, and if you have weather like we did this past weekend, you just can’t beat it.  Highly recommend this activity.

Asher Wade is still a little young to be able to do a lot of the bigger kid things (boy was he eyeing that bounce house though), or to really understand what’s going on, but he still had a blast running around the pumpkins and watching the other kids.  We went a little crazy with the pictures, but it’s hard not to.


First off, I can’t even get over this…exactly one year ago.

IMG_5303IMG_5334IMG_5331IMG_5333IMG_5335IMG_5349IMG_5338IMG_5300IMG_5310IMG_5347IMG_5342IMG_5339IMG_5340IMG_5317 IMG_5320 IMG_5322 IMG_5345 IMG_5341IMG_5344

 Check out the Pumpkin Express and buy your tickets here.


2 thoughts on “The Pumpkin Express

    • We are dying to do the Polar Express, but it sold out within hours of going on sale! Craziness! Well, there are some tickets, but not for the same time slot. So I could take AW by myself, or Matt could, but we can’t go as a family, which kind of defeats the purpose:-(


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