A few things just to prove I’m still alive….

  1. Work has been cray-zee.  Like really, really crazy.  I’m so brain-dead when I get home in the evenings that I can’t even conjure up a post, hence my sporadic appearances on the ole blog lately.
  2. #toddlerAW also passed a long a little stomach bug.  Good times in the McWilliams’ household this past weekend:\
  3. Before the aforementioned stomach bug took over, we did venture out to a local fall festival on Saturday.  AW had his first experience with a bounce house and it was pretty comical.  I thought he might get scared, especially since there were much bigger kids jumping around like a bunch of banshee, but he held his own and was all smiles.  He never quite figured out how to manuever around, but it won’t be long before he’s one of the banshee’s himself.
  4. Speaking of Asher Wade, and I haven’t even mentioned this on here yet, but we moved him from our beloved daycare to a home care setting. This has been a huge transition for us (who am I kidding, it’s been a HUGE transition for me, but AW could really care less as long as there are hugs, snacks and toys). This was a big decision for us and we fretted and prayed over it for several weeks, but ultimately it just seemed like the right decision. We are really happy with the new arrangement and I love that he’s in a home, with only a few kids, and being cared for by someone who obviously loves those crazy toddlers. Plus, I’m hoping this will keep the germs and sickness (Ebola?) at bay as we roll in to flu season.
  5. Sorry to keep talking about the stomach bug, but…it came upon me shortly after eating at Mellow Mushroom on Saturday.  The last time we had Mellow Mushroom was when I was around 6/7 weeks pregnant and the little bout of morning/afternoon sickness I had during my pregnancy started the morning after that visit.  This past weekend was the first time I have been able to even consider Mellow Mushroom since then because I just associated it with feeling bad.  Now what happens?  I finally decide Mellow Mushroom sounds ok again and then I end up with a stomach bug!  I’m pretty positive the bug actually came from AW because he had it and Matt got it around the same time as me, but still, maybe I’ll be able to visit Mellow Mushroom again in another couple of years?? #GIproblems
  6. In my obvious inability to stop talking about my stomach bug, I also need to mention the fact that the only thing I’ve been able to handle since Saturday is fruit.  When I was feeling crappy during that first trimester of my pregnancy I was also only able to handle fruit.  Aversion to Mellow Mushroom, plus cravings for fruit, plus generally feeling blah….if I didn’t know any better, I would be very, very concerned right now.

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