Asher Wade at 18 Months

Asher Wade, you turned 18 months old this past weekend!  You weigh 29 lbs, 9 oz (96%) and are 34 inches tall (95%).  You.are.solid.  Future linebacker for LSU?  We are marking your height on the inside of the pantry door and I cannot believe how much you grow in such short time frames.  Your clothes are pretty much all size 18-24 months and some 2t and you wear size 5.5 in shoes (New Balance are our favorites).  You are in size 5 diapers.  You have all of your teeth except for your second set of molars (dreading when those start pushing through) and we try really hard to brush them twice a day, although you fight us tooth and nail.  You still have very fine, blonde hair (you’ve already had two haircuts because your mullet gets a little out of control in the back), hazel eyes and a turned up nose, just like mama.  You have the sweetest little mouth and you smile all the time.  Your latest smile involves squinting your eyes and cheesin’ so big…it’s adorable.  You were pretty healthy all summer and so far this fall, with just a little runny nose here and there and one ear infection.  You did have a couple of 24-hour stomach bugs that you passed along to mama.  Thanks for that;)  Overall can’t complain as you seem to get over things pretty quickly.  Praying for a relatively sickness free fall/winter.

You are running and climbing all the time and you rarely want to sit still.  You are ALL BOY.  You are very active, love to play outside, on the playground and with your toys.  You’ve started to use your imagination and you will talk to yourself and make up little games or “read” your books.  It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.  You love Riley and Maddux and are constantly climbing on and pulling them.  They are so patient with you.  You love all animals for that matter.  You are still trying to figure out how to “play” with your friends.  Right now you and your buddies just kind of play beside each other, but I’ve noticed that you are starting to interact more.  You run in every morning, so excited to see Mrs. Judy and your friends (and the toys, lol).  We went through a little biting phase, which we think you do as a way to “claim your territory,” but (fingers crossed!) that has seemed to pass.  Other things you love are any and all balls, hitting off your tee set, music and singing (favorite song is still the bumblebee song, but you also love the theme songs from your favorite shows), riding your rocking horse or playing “ride little horsey” on daddy’s knee, ring around the rosie, getting in to drawers and cabinets and pulling everything out (you are getting good at putting stuff back IN too, which mama loves), trying to figure out how things work, bath time, “cleaning” with the broom and dust buster, rough housing, your Thomas the Train ride-on toy, riding in your red push car around the neighborhood, going to any park, swinging, climbing, walks in your stroller, playing chase, being read to, musical instruments, getting messy, playing in water and doing anything outside.  Outside is definitely your happy place.

You sleep pretty well, although you go through phases.  You are generally down between 7:30 and 8 and you sleep until 6:30, 7 if we are lucky.  Some days you take two naps, each around 1.5 hours, but other days you take one long nap.  I feel like you need more sleep, especially at night, but you consistently wake up around the same time and are raring to go.  Every now and then you will wake up during the night, but you will usually put yourself back to sleep if we give it 5 minutes.  Your eating habits go through phases as well.  Some days you will eat really well, and then others I’m thankful you still nurse because I feel like that’s all you’ve had all day.  Favorite foods are still yogurt, all fruit, most veggies, waffles, turkey dogs, peanut butter sandwiches, cheese, pasta and sweets (although we limit them a lot), especially vanilla ice cream cones from Chik-fi-la.  Meat is still hit or miss, except for your turkey dogs.  You prefer your food to be warm, unless of course it’s your yogurt or fruit.  You do NOT like us to help you eat.  You are getting better at feeding yourself with a fork/spoon, but it does create quite the mess.  You drink a ton of water and you also like whole milk (recently just transitioned to this from coconut milk), iced tea and smoothies.  You are still nursing 2-3 times a day.  I actually thought you may be weaning this past week, probably since I was gone for several days, but now you seem back to wanting it again.  I am very conflicted about this.  I kind of want to wean you for selfish reasons, but I also believe in letting you do things at your pace and I hate to take something away from you that brings you comfort, and keeps you healthy!  Maybe it will naturally happen soon…

You are talking a lot, although we don’t really know what you are saying.  You are getting very good at repeating words we say.  I can tell you are trying to say things and associate certain things with specific words and sounds, but they just don’t make sense quite yet.  Your most obvious words are mama, dada, ball, book, thank you, dog, duck, belly, Jake (as in the Neverland pirate), baby and uh-oh.  You say “uh-oh” constantly.  You love to point at animals in your books and say what they are.  When you learn a new word you will say it constantly, then you just stop and move on to the next.  You understand basic commands, like if we say it’s night-night time, time for a bath, time to eat, put it away or back in the drawer, let’s go change your diaper or clothes, let’s get in the car, go find mama/dadda/Riley/Maddux/your shoes/etc.  You clap and point and dance, which is still hilarious.  You associate objects with their function, like holding a phone up to your ear, putting the digital thermometer in your ear, pointing the remote at the TV, brushing your hair and teeth.  We are working on body parts and you think your belly button is hilarious and you love to (ahem) pull my shirt up and find mine.

You are SUCH A BOY.  So curious and daring and always into something.  Nothing scares you.  We can’t let you out of our sight for a second.  We’ve learned to just relax and accept the fact that you are going to have some bumps and bruises, like all little boys.  I’m actually surprised at how relaxed I am with you.  I was obviously meant to be a “boy mom.”  I still worry about you incessantly though, like all moms.  You are super strong…it amazes us all the time how you push and carry heavy things that we wouldn’t think you’d be able to.  Most people are shocked when we tell them how old you are;)  You are very confident, head strong and like things to be a certain way…very similar to your mama for sure;)  You are also incredibly loving and friendly and will go to just about anyone.  You give big hugs and kisses and you still like to be held and rocked.  I love how rough and tough you are, yet so loving affectionate and still a mama’s boy.  You still have that sweet, sweet baby smell and there’s nothing I love more than snuggling up with you when you just wake up.  I know it’s inevitable that you are growing up, but I plan to savor these moments as long as possible.

We love you, Asher Wade…probably more than you will ever know.



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