The (somewhat embarrassing) story behind a name

I had to laugh when, during my run the other night, this song popped up on my playlist for the first time in forever…


Notice the name of the singer?  I hate to admit it, but this is where we got the idea for the name “Asher.”  Yes, it’s true.  Our precious Asher Wade earned the first part of his namesake from a rapper that has a big fat EXPLICIT on the cover of his records.  Back when we were discussing names, “Asher” was not a common name at all, at least not to us.  We had never heard it, except as being the name of this rapper that had a song that we both had on our running playlists.  It’s not like we run around listening to explicit rap songs, really much at all, but this song is just one of those that is kind of catchy and funny, and some times you just have to sacrifice your music morals for a song with a good running beat.  Any-who, we’d always liked that name and we remembered it when we started discussing a name for our soon-to-be-born baby boy.  It was actually the ONLY boy’s name we both liked (the “Wade” part was a given because it’s a family name), so it was kind of a no-brainer.  We just figured we didn’t have to necessarily tell people where “Asher” came from and could just leave it at it was the only name we agreed on.

Fast forward to when we told my grandfather the name we had chosen.  My sweet, bible thumping, Southern Baptist grandfather that probably knows every single person ever mentioned in the Bible.  “Well that’s a wonderful Godly name from the Bible.  Asher is in Genesis and he was the founder of the Tribe of Asher.  The name means ‘happy blessing’.  You have chosen a good name.”  Why yes.  Yes we did.  We were pretty happy that given the cold-hard truth, we now had a good story to go by as necessary.  So depending on our audience, when asked how we picked the name, we either tell them the good Christian version, or we tell them the scandalous truth….our first born son was named after an explicit white rapper guy that sings about keg stands, late night shenanigans and passing out in the bread aisle of his local grocery store.  Some times the truth just hurts, y’all.  Hopefully Asher Wade has the same sense of humor that his mom and dad do:-)


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