Taking Stock 003

Since Asher Wade is napping, it’s raining, Matt is at work and I’m sitting on the couch, drinking coffee, watching Food Network and enjoying my day off, I figured this was a good time for a little “Taking Stock” update:-)

Life Lately

Making: kale and white bean soup for dinner tonight
Cooking: hopefully a lot more since it was one of my New Year’s goals
Drinking: right at this moment – decaf Americano with soy milk
Reading: The Goldfinch STILL…longest book ever
Wanting: some new leggings, but I’m very particular, so this is harder than it sounds…must be thick material and have back pockets
Looking: for a new coffee table
Playing: ring around the rosy with Asher Wade over and over and over again
Deciding: what I want to spend my Birthday/Christmas money on
Wishing: Christmas never had to end!!
Enjoying: our Christmas tree before it inevitably has to come down
Waiting: for Matt to get home…good gosh I sound like a desperate housewife;)
Liking: that Asher Wade’s naptime is at 1:00 now – makes it much easier to do stuff before lunch
Wondering: if 2015 will be the year for Baby Mac #2 (FYI, probably not yet)
Loving: this phase we are in with #toddlerAW…definitely the most fun yet!
Considering: several ideas for family trips this year
Watching: not much lately, but I can’t wait for our shows to come back later this month!
Hoping: work slows down this month
Marvelling: at how fast 2014 went by
Needing: to do some major spring cleaning…in the winter I guess
Smelling: the “Mistletoe” scent from Yankee Candle
Wearing: a lot of leggings and flannels and my Hunter rain boots these days
Following: yoga_girl on Instagram for some yoga motivation (and drooling over her home in Aruba)
Noticing: that I’m not as young as I once was
Knowing: I’m blessed
Thinking: about paint colors for the dining room and Asher Wade’s room
Admiring: how some moms just seem to have it all together…what’s their secret??
Sorting: dirty laundry
Buying: a couple canvas prints of the family pictures we recently had made
Getting: packages delivered is the best thing ever, especially AFTER Christmas
Bookmarking: several recipes on Pinterest in light of my cook more in 2015 goal
Disliking: that I just heard a muffled cry come from Asher Wade’s room, which means mommy’s quiet time is over;)
Opening: a new Sprouts store right by our house and I’m pretty excited to check it out
Laughing: with friends at dinner on NYE was good for my soul
Feeling: content

Join in and tell us what’s going on with you lately, too!

{P.S. You can see the last time I took stock here and here}


One thought on “Taking Stock 003

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