Thankful Thursday

Does anyone else dislike January?  I do.  It is by far my least favorite month.  I hate saying that because it is our wedding anniversary month, but that’s probably the only bright spot in a very grey and gloomy span of 31 days.  Plus, post-Christmas is always kind of a letdown for me and I usually feel a little blue.  Throw in cold, dreary days, minimal time off work (we don’t get MLK day off and I usually don’t like taking PTO right at the start of the new year), and it’s just not a good month for me.  Anyways, today is no exception…it is freezing (borderline snow) and gloomy and everything just looks grey to me.  I was in such a funk that I almost didn’t even want to write my usual “Thankful Thursday” post.  Then I realized how completely ridiculous that sounded.  Obviously I still have plenty to be thankful for.  I still hate January though.

This Thursday I am thankful for…

   * Surviving my wisdom teeth surgery.  I had all four removed last Friday.  I was a nervous wreck and have been putting this off for almost 5 years now.  I had never gone under anesthesia before this and for some reason I was scared of not waking up?  All went well though and obviously I woke up, and besides some nausea and vertigo, the recovery has been easy.

* Orange sherbet, Dairy Queen soft serve, Steak and Shake milkshakes, Jello pudding snacks and mushy oatmeal.  No explanation needed.

* Our gas fireplace.  I’m actually scared to see our gas bill this month.  It’s just so daggone cold outside though!

* As much as I miss them when they are gone, to finally have all the Christmas decorations down.  So what if we just moved our still intact artificial Christmas tree to the basement and covered it with a sheet.  This will make the decorating process much easier next year.  Plus as January continues to creep by and I become more blue, there’s always the option of bringing the tree back upstairs, just to lift my mood:-)

* For a toddler that, although he tries to act like such a big boy, and is starting to look like one even more, still likes to be rocked to sleep.  Gosh I love being a mom.

* For beautiful anniversary flowers delivered to me at work by my honey.  I guess there is one day out of the month I don’t hate.

What are you thankful for these days??



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