Asher Wade at 21 Months

My precious Asher Wade….you are 21 months old!  Twenty-one is my favorite number, and this is hands-down my favorite age so far.  You are such a mess.  A hilarious, loving, mischievous, daring, adventurous, sweet mess of a little boy.  You have us in stitches the majority of the time.  You are quite the entertainer and you know how to get attention.  You definitely like all eyes to be on you.  We have to keep our eyes on you at all times anyways because you are always in to something.  Still all boy and you amaze us (and scare mama to death) with your bravery and fearlessness.  It’s not that you are overly independent, but you will attempt just about anything.  Case in point – you were curious about the fire burning in fireplace, so you just stuck your hand right in it, got a nasty burn that probably warranted a doctor visit, but you barely cried and just went on with your way.  You’ve taken some good tumbles down the stairs, you’ve face planted numerous times on the hard floor, you’ve fallen off chairs and the couch too many times to count, yet you are generally unfazed.  You’re a tough little booger.

You love to run, jump, climb and dance.  The park is your happy place and we are amazed at how you can climb everything, go down the big slides and do some of the “big boy” things.  You love to help with the cleaning and you are obsessed with the vacuum and electric sweeper.  You have a play vacuum and broom/mop set and they are some of your favorite toys.  You love to build blocks, make “forts” with the blankets, play with your cars and race track and do puzzles, and you are really good at getting the pieces in the right spot.  You like anything that makes noise.  You LOVE books.  I swear you’d have us read to you all day long if we could.  You like to kick the soccer ball and throw the football.  Playing catch with you is hi-lar-i-ous.  When we say, “Ok get ready to catch it,” you hold your hands out, but close your eyes and get this silly smile.  The ball always smacks you in the belly and you think this is the funniest thing in the world.  You like to pull things out of drawers (especially mama’s toiletries and expensive beauty/hair products), carefully inspect things and you are always trying to figure out how things work.  You love music and you pretty much just watch cartoons for the theme songs.  Favorite shows are still Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but you also like Ella the Elephant (you LOVE this theme song) and Kate and Mim-Mim.  You’re obsessed with animals and when we go to the park, you absolutely insist on meeting every dog there.  I’m pretty sure you’d go right up to Cujo given the chance.  You adore Riley (“Ri-E”)and Maddux (“Ma-Du”).

You are still a big boy, right at the 97th percentile in everything.  We go in for a check-up on Thursday, so I’ll have some exact measurements then, but you probably weigh around 33 lbs. and are maybe 35.5 inches tall.  You wear a 2t for the most part, although you have some 3t’s as well.  Size 5.5/6 shoe.  We just bumped you up to a size 6 diaper.  Speaking of diapers, we bought you a potty seat.  You like to sit on it, but you haven’t gone potty in it yet.  We are just kind of testing the waters there to see if you have any interest.  Not in any hurry.  You are sleeping well…going down around 8 and getting up anywhere from 6:30-7:30 the next morning.  You still take one long nap during the day starting at 1:00.  We have been so fortunate in the health department. Besides a little runny nose here and there you have not been sick since last summer {#allhailthebreastmilk} You seem to be coming down with a little cold right now, but I’m hoping it will pass over. Considering the sicknesses going around, I think we have been super lucky in this department. I know having you in a home care setting has helped immensely as well, and I am so thankful for our setup. Mrs. Judy has been such a blessing to us and you. You adore her and your little friends.

Developmentally you are still not much of a talker.  Well, you “talk” all the time, but it’s still a lot of gibberish.  You understand most of what we say and you follow direction very well, but you still don’t verbalize a lot.  I’d say you have about 10-12 words, but you use them very sporadically.  You are getting good at repeating words when we ask you.  Otherwise you just carry on these conversations with us as though we are supposed to know exactly what you are saying.  You’ll “talk” to us and just kind of look at us like, “Duh, don’t you know what I’m saying?!”  You get a little frustrated when you can’t communicate effectively.  I feel like I should knock on wood while saying this, but so far tantrums are not bad.  You are definitely more sweet than sour:-)  We utilize the time-out method and it works well.  Usually you just get frustrated when you aren’t getting your way and you need to calm down a little.  Once you’ve calmed down, you always come give us a big hug.  It is the sweetest.  You really have the sweetest, most loving disposition, and you hate for people to be upset with you.  It hurts your feelings big time.

We are still going through a picky eater phase.  You like carbs, fruit, cheese and yogurt best.  We always offer you whatever we are eating, but you usually just pick at it, unless it’s one of your favorite things.  Our go-to standards when you are being picky are PB&J, waffles, grilled cheese, chicken (you gobbled up some roasted chicken last night, which I couldn’t believe), turkey dogs, veggie corn dogs, turkey breakfast sausage, peas, edamame, and then of course yogurt and any type of fruit.  You aren’t a big sweets eater either, but you do love those Annie’s fruit snacks.  We started giving you a gummy multi-vitamin and you think it’s the best thing ever.  You do like candy;)  You love to drink whole milk, coconut milk and water.  You really like juice, but we limit this a lot.  Still nursing a few times per day…in the morning, after work and before bed…although you’d nurse more if I let you;)  You are VERY demanding when you want to, haha!  You’ll take my hand and walk me over to the couch, or point to it, climb in my lap and proceed to pull my shirt down.  It’s actually quite comical.

I can’t get enough of your hugs and kisses, your cuddles, your little voice, your morning bedhead, the way your top lip tucks in when you get upset, how you smell when you just wake up, all sweet and dreamy, your sensitive spirit, your round belly and ham hock thighs, your mischievous grin, the way you gaze at me when I’m rocking you to sleep, how excited you are when someone comes to get you out of bed in the morning, the confidence you walk around with, like you own the place or something, how you love to hold our hands and lead us to something you want us to see, and just your love of life.  You are amazing and we are blessed.


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