a Quick Trip to Sarasota

Like I mentioned the other week, Asher Wade and I had planned to take a quick trip to Sarasota while Matt was running his marathon in Asheville this past weekend (which he finished in 4 hours and 15 minutes….an awesome job!!).  We flew in Friday afternoon and came home last night.  It was short (is vacation ever long enough??), but we did a lot in those 4 days and had so much fun.  Y’all know I love Birmingham, but man, Sarasota has a little piece of my heart.  The weather was perfect and the sun didn’t stop shining the whole time we were there.  We spent a lot of time outside in my parent’s backyard, went on several walks, dined out a couple nights, and visited the county fair, the beach and numerous parks.  Asher Wade had a ball and was completely wiped when he finally laid his head down in his own bed last night.  I think the whirlwind trip finally caught up to him.  So thankful that Sarasota is a short plane ride away, and that we can do short trips like this.  It does my heart good.

Here are a few (ok, quite a few) pictures from our little trip…

IMG_6560 IMG_6562

On our way...making ourselves comfortable obviously;)

IMG_6590 IMG_6597 IMG_6599 IMG_6594 IMG_6600

IMG_6607 IMG_6619 IMG_6632 IMG_6630 IMG_6624 IMG_6629 IMG_6635 IMG_6634

IMG_6660 IMG_6652 IMG_6642 IMG_6648 IMG_6670 IMG_6669 IMG_6678 IMG_6679 IMG_6673 IMG_6674 IMG_6682 IMG_6703 IMG_6709

IMG_6721 IMG_6729 IMG_6732 IMG_6736 IMG_6745 IMG_6749 IMG_6751 IMG_6753 IMG_6759 IMG_6760 IMG_6761 IMG_6768


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