Something a little sad….

I started to write a little update last night and then it dawned on me, today it will have been one week since our fur baby Riley crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  I can’t believe I haven’t offered this up on here yet, but to be honest, the whole thing has been kind of a shock, and I’m still sort of wrapping my mind around it.  It was very sudden and unexpected and we’ve been pretty heartbroken.  He was home with us last Friday morning, and then by noon that same day, he was gone.  No warning, no time to take him for a walk, to the park, for a car ride with the windows down.  Not even any time for a good belly scratch.  I think that’s our biggest regret…that we couldn’t give him a fun “last day.”  I don’t even know if I told him bye that morning when I left for work, since I’m sure it was the usual chaos trying to get out the door.  I just wish we had some notice.

We knew something was a little off on Thursday night, but chalked it up to his sensitive stomach (usually because he’s eaten something in the yard).  Friday morning when we left for work, he was mopey, but again, nothing overly unusual.  Our sitter called us an hour or so later, explaining that he was having a hard time breathing, was very restless, and seemed to be in a little pain.  Matt came home to take him to the vet and it wasn’t 30 minutes later that he called me saying I needed to come up there and that we were going to have to make a really hard decision.  Less than an hour later, he was gone.  It was that sudden.  I got there in just enough time to see him and love on him and thank him for being so faithful for 12 years.  He was a good dog.

I don’t know if you’ve seen or read Marley and Me, but our Riley had the same thing that Marley did at the end…where the stomach and intestines flip…I think it’s called gastric bloat  The crazy thing is that I’ve always been worried about this because I knew it was somewhat common in large breed dogs, particularly labs.  It’s still hard to believe it happened to him.  He was 12, but a very young and vibrant 12.  Most people were shocked when they found out how old he was.  Plus he has always been super healthy.  Like I said, it’s just all-around very shocking.  So that’s that.  There is definitely a void in our home, and we miss him terribly, especially poor Maddux, who just seems a little lost without his bubba.  Time will heal though.  I know this.

So anyways, that’s my something a little sad.  Hoping this weekend is better than last weekend.  For one thing, tomorrow Asher Wade is going to wake up a 2 year old.  Well, technically at 1:45 tomorrow afternoon he will be a 2 year old.  I mean, seriously?!  I will have a 2 year old?!  Doesn’t seem possible.  His party is not until the following weekend (Derby Day!), but we are taking him to Airwalk tomorrow (an indoor trampoline park) and we will spend the day as a family and I will likely make him these confetti cake pancakes, because I mean, you only turn 2 once, right?  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

P.S. Some favorite Riley memories here, here, here and here.  Love and miss that crazy dog…


2 thoughts on “Something a little sad….

  1. Meeting Riley

    I met Riley when he was just a young pup. Great smile that says I am going to get in trouble (ok, a lot of trouble) but you are going to love me anyway. I was visiting Riley’s grandparents in Sarasota when Riley and Leanne were home from college for the weekend. He had the sweetest face that showed his love for Leanne every time he looked at her.
    After a fun day of running around the golf course, playing fetch with his favorite ball and a new game, his granddad taught him, chasing the light beam, he was one tired little puppy. He and Leanne decided to camp out in the living/dining room with her Aunt Suzanne and me that night. Riley decided he wanted to sleep on the cool tile next to the sliding glass doors with his feet just under the vertical blinds close to the foot of Suzanne’s bed.
    Around 2 am I awoke to the sound of the blinds being kicked by Riley. Suzanne thinking Riley was playing with the blinds, got up and walked over to him, reached down to move him away from the blinds and request that he stop playing with them. However, Riley was not playing with the blinds but in the middle of a great puppy dream (my guess is he was chasing the light beam) and when Suzanne touched him at the same time she spoke to him he awoke with great fear, whelped, jumped up ran and dove into bed with Leanne. I am not sure who was surprised more by Riley’s reaction from being woken from his dream.
    This happened more than 11 1/2 years ago and I still smile and think about this story often. Riley was a loyal and faithful companion who loved his family unconditionally and was loved the same in return.

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