Asher Wade at Two (!!) Years

Asher Wade, my feisty, loving, rambunctious, spit-fire of a little boy, you are two years old!  I cannot understand how two years can come and go so quickly.  Like a flash I tell you.  Why didn’t I listen to and respect it when other, more seasoned moms, would tell me these things…how you will blink and another year will come and go.  Y’all, I am teary-eyed right now just typing this.  As much as I love to reminisce and look back to his baby pictures, it’s just hard.  He’s not a baby anymore, and I’ll never get those moments back.  I love this stage so, so much, and I know it will fly by as well, and that’s hard.  All I can do is try my best to soak it up and never take one second for granted.  Each one is so fleeting, and so precious.  I hope you know how much I enjoy them…how much I enjoy you.  You bring a light to my day like nothing else.

Ok, now that I’ve worked myself in to a tizzy of emotions and tears, let me tell you about that little wild boy I mentioned in the first line, because you.are.a.mess.  Your little personality is something to write home about and it will take me from one extreme, where I want to pull my hair out, to another, where I want to kiss your cheeks off.  You are mischievous and you love to test the waters right now, like most 2 year olds.  You will go to mess with something that you know you’re not supposed to, turn your head to make sure we are watching, and then go for it.  Lately it’s been the buttons on the microwave.  I never know whether to laugh at or scold you.  It’s usually a combination of both, which does not help the situation of course.  I find that I am pretty laid back with you, which surprises me given my Type A personality.  Parenthood has surprised me in many facets though, particularly my style of parenting, so this should not be surprising.  I’m Type A in most aspects of my life, except when it comes to you, Asher Wade;)

Asher Wade, you are so inquisitive.  Your favorite thing to say is “What dis?”  You ask it a million times a day.  You love to know things and watch things.  I catch you looking out the window multiple times a day, just watching the world go by, with the occasional exclamation that you see a “Bird!!”  You love being outside, playing in the yard, going to the park, running EVERYWHERE (you literally never walk), climbing, wrestling and rough-housing, reading books, doing puzzles, playing with things that are not actually toys (like the vacuum, dust buster, broom, really any sort of cleaning item), taking baths and showers (you LOVE getting in the shower), animals (when we go to the park, you insist on meeting every single dog there…you’d go up to Cujo given the chance), Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Miles From Tomorrow Land, Legos, your ride-on toys, basketball, football, anything sports related, dancing, jumping, doing flips, and just generally running around like the little boy that you are.  You are so athletic as well.  You know that you shoot a basketball, kick a soccer ball, throw a football, hit a baseball with a bat, etc.  I’m amazed at how you easily pick up any sport.  Wonder where you get that from;)  No question about it, you are ALL boy.  I can’t even tell you how many times I hear that from other people.  You do, however, like your clothes and shoes and you definitely have favorite outfits.  Daddy gets you dressed in the morning and one of your favorite things to do is run in the bathroom (where I’m getting ready) and show me what you are wearing that day.  You are always very proud.

You weigh 34 pounds and are 36.8 inches tall.  100th percentile across the board!  You are still completely solid and people cannot get over how heavy you are when they pick you up.  You wear a size 6.5/7 in shoes (New Balance are still our favorites) and size 6 diapers.  Still not attempting potty training yet.  We bought a potty seat awhile back, but I’m not even sure where it is since we moved.  You do let us know when you’ve gone potty in your diaper, but after the fact of course;)  Speech development is still a little slow and you are seeing a speech therapist a couple of times a month.  You “talk” all the time, so it’s really more of an articulation thing.  You think everyone knows what you are saying.  I know it will come, but it will be a lot easier when we know what you are saying on a regular basis.  You have been really healthy; just a runny nose here and there.  The only kind of crazy thing you had a month or so ago was an abscess in your thumbnail.  It was pretty gnarly and very painful for you.  Your nail is still kind of strange looking and I fear it may fall off soon.  You are kind of a picky eater, but we also don’t force anything.  Your favorite foods are yogurt, any and all fruit, PB&J sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, corn dogs, french fries, waffles, breakfast sausage, those fruit/veggie pouches and snack foods like crackers and cookies.  I wish you ate better, but I’m chalking this up to toddler-hood and trying to just roll with it.  Obviously there are no issues in the growth department anyways;)  You aren’t big on sweets…don’t know where you inherited that from?!  You mainly just drink milk and water.  You still nurse a few times per day.  Maybe that’s where all this growth and good health is coming from!  I keep hoping you will wean on your own so I don’t have to force it.  You are very attached to nursing, so I’m not sure how weaning is going to go.  Again, I hate to force anything on you and prefer you to figure things out at your own pace.  It’s about that time though, buddy.

You are still incredibly friendly and outgoing, and although it may take a few minutes to warm up to a new person, you quickly become best friends.  You gravitate more towards men, except for mama and Mrs. Judy.  You love PawPaw and GrandBob.  You adore your daddy too.  You are very loving and affectionate, and also sensitive and caring.  Your feelings get hurt easily and you do not like for anyone to be upset with you.  The second you disobey or make mama or daddy mad, you come over and hug us.  You love to give hugs and kisses.  We do “family hugs” and you think it’s hilarious.  You’ll grab my hand, grab daddy’s hand and bring us together for a family hug, with you in the middle.  You clasp your hands together to say your prayers before meals and bedtime and you think it’s hilarious when we say “Amen.”  You like to clap when the prayer is finished.  You are fearless, determined and demanding, but not in a bad way.  You just know what you want.  Tantrums have actually not been bad.  They are usually short-lived, but if it starts to get out of hand, we put you in time-out for a couple of minutes so you can calm down.  For the most part you are pretty obedient and you follow direction well.

I am kind of at this cross-roads right now where I can’t decide if it’s time for another baby.  I have some baby fever for sure, but I’m also still pretty content with just you.  Matt thinks you would make a good only child.  We are kind of like the 3 Musketeers:-)  I think you would enjoy a sibling though, and to be honest, I can’t imagine not having another.  I’m just going to continue to pray about it, and I know God will let me know when the timing is right.  For now, we are just enjoying focusing on only you.  Don’t think you mind the attention being on you only!  I do know this…if and when we have another…I can only pray they are as awesome as you.  It’s so hard to imagine that I could love another child as much as I love you, although I know everyone says your heart just grows.  Man though, that next baby will have some big shoes to fill.  If there is one thing I want you to know, it’s how loved you are.  I think about you all day long, and it always brings a smile to my face.  Sometimes I truly think my heart may explode.  I never want you to doubt our love for you.  I also want you to know that God loves you.  He created you, perfect, in His image.  You are a perfect child of God, and you are perfect to us.

Happy 2nd Birthday Asher Wade!  We love you!


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