A few more pictures from the past weekend

Although the big birthday party extravaganza took up most of the weekend, we did have some more opportunities for outdoor fun.  Spring in Alabama is kind of the best thing ever.

Somebody got his car seat turned around finally, and he's pretty excited about it.

Somebody got his car seat turned around finally, and he’s pretty excited about it.


Southern Living for me, Mickey Mouse for him, vitamin D for both of us




First visit to the pool! Looking forward to spending many weekends here this summer!


Sharing snacks with his sweet friend, Lilia

IMG_7327 IMG_7329 IMG_7332 IMG_7334 IMG_7339

Let me tell you a little story about this next picture.  This is a perfect example of things you swear you won’t do when you’re a parent.  First off, as soon as we walked in to the grocery store Asher Wade insisted on getting in one of those germ infested difficult to maneuver grocery carts with the car attached to the front.  We gave in.  Then he threw a fit at the checkout line because he spotted the M&M’s.  We gave in.  Then he basically demanded to ride the mechanical horse (which is actually free because the store provides the quarters…kind of a nice perk).  We gave in.  Then when the ride finished, he lost his mind.  Like laid in the middle of the floor of the supermarket and had a writhing, roll around, kicking, screaming tantrum.  I actually burst into laughter because you know, sometimes you just have to have a sense of humor about this whole parenting gig.  Matt was furious though.  Yanked him off the floor, swatted his behind and carried him over his shoulder to the car.  Asher Wade continued to cry and wail and beg for his M&M’s, which Matt promptly denied him of.  Two minutes later, driving away, us completely embarrassed by the whole charade, Asher Wade calmed down and with his sweet puppy dog eyes, requested his M&M’s.  We gave in.  You win some, you lose some;)

Exactly 30 seconds before the toddler meltdown

Exactly 30 seconds before the toddler meltdown


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