High Five it’s Friday Y’all!

* Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all the lovely mamas, mamas-to-be, and those that are mamas in their hearts, though are still patiently waiting to hold a baby of their own.  I think as women we are all “mamas” to some extent or another and most of us are born with that mothering instinct.  Sunday we celebrate all of them, because they are all special.  I wish I could celebrate with my own mother and mother-in-law and tell them in person how special they are, but I hope they know it already.  We will be celebrating with them in spirit.

* We have nothing on our agenda for this weekend.  Nothing.  Nada.  This is the first time this has happened in what feels like months.  I’ve been saying no to different things for this weekend, and although I feel a little guilty about that, we need this bad.  Remember awhile back when I said one of my New Year’s goals was to slow down and not commit to so many things?  Yeah.  I kind of sucked at that.  That is what I am attempting for right now though.

* Our deck is so awesome and we are really loving it right now with the amazing weather we’ve been having.  With the yard being fenced in, Asher Wade can play in the yard to his heart’s content while mama watches and enjoys a glass of wine from a comfy chair.  I see many summer evenings spent doing just that.

* On that note, I just love our house in general.  It’s really coming together, and as stressful as it was trying to make it presentable for AW’s party last weekend, it pushed me to get it decorated quicker than I otherwise would have.  I work better under pressure anyways.  It’s nice for (almost) everything to be in it’s place (just don’t look in the basement…or garage).  Besides getting some furniture for the office and breakfast nook, we are pretty much settled.  I actually hired a decorator for the first time ever, which I know sounds totally pretentious and very Real Housewives of Birmingham (there should totally be a TV show premise behind this), but it was definitely a splurge for me and I’m not going to lie, totally worth it.  She had some great ideas and used a lot of pieces we already have, and then just sourced the few things we knew we would need to get anyways.  I like that she sent me links for the various things, and I can buy them as we can afford them.  Makes it more manageable for sure.

* We had a little impromptu dinner date last night and the food was yummy and the weather was, once again, glorious.  Asher Wade actually behaved too, which in and of itself, makes the whole evening a big fat win.  You never know what version of #toddlerAW you are going to get in a public setting, and we roll our dices every time we venture out, but I was happy we rolled a yahtzee on this particular evening.




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