Weekend Shenanigans and iPhone Photo Dump

We had an uneventful, but nice weekend around here.  Matt actually left Thursday morning for Kentucky.  He ran a half marathon in Lexington on Saturday morning (I forget the name of it, but it was through the horse farms), so he headed up to visit his folks for a long weekend.  So it was just Asher Wade and me.  I kind of enjoyed having my little guy to myself.  We kind of just laid low and relaxed.  It rained a good bit anyways, so it was a good excuse to hang out in our pajamas and make a few Starbucks runs.  Asher Wade really enjoys getting a chocolate milk and cake pop:-)

The many (chocolate covered) faces of Asher Wade

The many (chocolate covered) faces of Asher Wade

This sounds weird, but one thing I do like about being home alone (or with a toddler I suppose) is that I can just eat what I want, and not feel like I have to make actual, adult approved meals.  Not that Matt requires gourmet meals by any means, but I mean I literally had French toast for dinner one night, a protein shake with a side of granola another night and then a grilled pimiento cheese sandwich the last night.  All of which were accompanied by pinot gris and followed by either popcorn or an ice cream cone.  I just fixed whatever suited my fancy on any given night.  AW happily obliged as well.  We sat at the counter and ate and played with cars and puzzles and laughed at silly things like toots (him) and hiccups (me).  I also introduced him to a McDonald’s milkshake.  He’s started saying “mmmmmmm” when he really likes something and I was cracking up while he sat in the backseat going “Mmmmmm, mmmmmm!” the whole way home.

IMG_7434 IMG_7440 IMG_7432 IMG_7473 IMG_7479 IMG_7455

I did have a sitter for a few hours on Saturday so I could attend the Regions Tradition golf tournament.  Our company is a sponsor and we get some pretty sweet VIP passes.  Matt usually takes them and brings some of his buddies, but since Matt was gone this year, I snagged a couple and took Mary Leah with me.  It was fun…I just wish we had more time!  Meanwhile, back at home, #toddlerAW totally suckered the sitter into letting him forgo his nap.  I’m not sure that he has ever not taken a nap, but he’s starting to get to that age where although he desperately still needs a nap, he’s realized that he misses out on things while sleeping.  The sitter said he whined and cried whenever she tried to lay him down, so she figured he just didn’t want to sleep.  His mama on the other hand doesn’t care whether he wants to sleep or not.  He takes a nap;)  That’s just part of the fun of having a sitter though.  I remember suckering them into a later bedtime myself.

Enjoying the golf tournament with Cassie and Mary Leah

Enjoying the golf tournament with Cassie and Mary Leah

Sunday, after sleeping in, making another Starbucks run, and staying in our pajamas on the couch until close to lunch time, we headed to the gym where I worked out and Asher Wade hung out in the kid’s academy.  We enjoyed a little late lunch in the café afterwards.  Then came home and waited for daddy.  All in all it was a nice weekend with my little guy.  And exhausting.  When Matt pulled in late yesterday afternoon it didn’t take long for me to let him take over while I laid my head down on the couch for a much needed rest.  I dearly love being a mom to an active little boy, but man, it’s tiring!

This kid.  He received some swim goggles as one of his birthday gifts, but he hasn't quite figured out that you don't wear them around the house

This kid. He received some swim goggles as one of his birthday gifts, but he hasn’t quite figured out that you don’t wear them around the house


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