Memorial Day Weekend Recap

A little late in getting these pictures up, but after having such a busy weekend and start to the week, I’m just now getting around to it.  It was a fun weekend though, and I wanted to post a little recap.

We had some last minute guests come visit for the holiday weekend and we had so much fun!  My cousin and his family drove over from Jackson, MS for the SEC baseball tournament and camped out in our house for a couple of days.  Asher Wade loved having some other kiddos around to play with.  He was so sad when they left, bless his heart, standing at the door, crying and pointing as they drove off.  We are definitely going to have to plan a trip to visit them in Jackson (I’ve actually never been) at some point this summer.  It’s important to me that he gets to know his extended family, especially considering how much he loved playing with them.  I have such fond memories visiting my cousins when I was young, and I hope AW has these same memories.  Come visit us again soon Erwin family!

IMG_7492 IMG_7494 IMG_7487 IMG_7501 IMG_7496 IMG_7497 IMG_7505 IMG_7504 IMG_7519 IMG_7518 IMG_7514 IMG_7520 IMG_7522 IMG_7524 IMG_7527 IMG_7529 IMG_7568 IMG_7574 IMG_7573


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